A few special thank yous go out to:
• the inspiration behind this project – the “real Kramer,” and host of Kramer’s Reality Tour, Kenny Kramer…thanks again for the Jay Buhner rookie card!
• header bar graphics excerpts from the piece “Seinfeldology” (of which I am a proud owner), by the very talented Kiersten Essenpreis
• all map links from Google Maps
• all city/state/country facts and statistics from Wikipedia
• all flag icons from Free Flag Icons
• many episode details relating to episode scripts are from Seinfeld Scripts and Seinology
• other similar Seinfeld location sites, such as Seinfeld Film Locations, Seinfeld’s New York, and Sony Pictures’ very own map
• the many helpful fans that have pointed out missed spots over the years – particularly the super helpful Erkan B. of the Netherlands!
• and of course, all the unbelievably and freakishly detailed “Notes About Nothing” featured on Seasons 1-9 of Seinfeld on DVD – a job well done, Seinfeld staff nerds!


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