MAY 14, 2023 – Magic time!

Hard to believe that today marks not only 25 years since “The Finale” aired, putting an end to a decade of Seinfeld on TV, but a whole decade since the launch of Maps About Nothing! Ten years of commemorating 15 years of nothing sure is something. Here’s to another decade, and many more, of anything, everything, something, nothing, who the hell cares?!? We are down, put us down!

MAY 5, 2023 – Oh, not a problem!

Happy Cinco de Mayo Sein-fans! Whether you wear men’s clothes, women’s clothes, or no clothes, be safe and enjoy!

FEB. 12, 2023 – L’occupado!

Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on winning their third Super Bowl over the Philadelphia Eagles, despite winning on a very controversial penalty call. You have screwed Philadelphia again, Pennypacker!

DEC. 31, 2022 – Yeah, I’m sure you’ll live.

A happy new year to all our friends, fans and followers on what is hopefully a less eventful winter than the past two! We can’t go back to lockdown! We can’t! We won’t!

DEC. 23, 2022 – Gimme twenty bucks!

Well friends, it is Festivus once again…we may not have any Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (outside of a lousy book), but we also don’t have any more COVID variants keeping us isolated for the holidays…we always even out! It never fails!

DEC. 18, 2022 – What did you say?!?!

Congratulations to Argentina on defeating France to win their third World Cup title, and first since 1986! They’re moving the trophy out of Qatar, no more football Jerry! No more football for any of us! I gotta go home and get a big pot!

NOV. 5, 2022 – A bastard child, perhaps.

Congratulations to the Houston Astros on winning their second World Series title – those cheating bastards knocked off those sons of bitches from both the Yankees and Philadelphia!

JUL. 4, 2022 – I’ve never had a really good pickle.

A very happy 246th birthday to these United States, and a happy 33rd birthday to “The Seinfeld Chronicles” making its historic debut! Ah, 33 – you haven’t outgrown the problems of puberty, yet you’re already facing the problems of old age. And as some questionable federal judicial decisions lately have shown, you haven’t outgrown the problems of puberty.

JUN. 29, 2022 – Tell that to Bobby Colby!

Another solemn remembrance of the anniversary of Jerry’s vomit streak, which began on this day back in both 1972 and 1980. It may have been fifty years ago, but in our mind, there’s a war still going on…down there.

JUN. 26, 2022 – To the Newmanium!

Congratulations to the Colorado Avalanche on winning their third Stanley Cup, and first since 2001! The year the true millennium began! Which made their parade one year late, and thus, quite lame. Awww!

JUN. 17, 2022 – That’s a cool G, Daddy-O!

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors on winning their seventh NBA title, and fourth in eight years – and to star guard Stephen Curry for winning his first Finals MVP! I didn’t know Ayesha Curry’s husband played basketball!

JUN. 14, 2022 – I’m leavin’. Jerry’s a nut!

Hard to believe that thirty five years have passed since that fateful day at Shea Stadium – our continued thoughts and prayers to the victims.

JUN. 12, 2022 – Philip Baker Hall, 1931-2022

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Philip Baker Hall, the character actor who, despite his 50+ year career and numerous collaborations with Paul Thomas Anderson, may perhaps be most famous for his legendary performance as Mr. Bookman in “The Library” in 1991, and for his cameo appearance in “The Finale” in 1998.

MAY 30, 2022 – He’s boring!

Our thanks on this Memorial Day once again to those who serve and those who have served. We encourage you that if you are enlisted, we DO NOT suggest you go AWOL – even if you don’t seem to be having so much fun!

MAY 28, 2022 – George Shapiro, 1931-2022

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of George Shapiro, the talent manager who, along with his partner Howard West, turned one of his up and coming comics, a young comedian named Jerry Seinfeld, into a worldwide phenomenon as a producer of Seinfeld. Thank you George for helping to bring the world of Seinfeld to life, you will be missed.


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