FEB. 3, 2019 – Ya gotta be tough! Boo!

Congrats again to the New England Patriots for winning their sixth championship at Super Bowl LIII…yada yada yada, we know that Tom Brady is so special, so great…really really great!

DEC. 31, 2018 – Sweet fancy Moses!

A very happy new year to all our friends, visitors and acquaintances for a joyous 2019 – here’s to those who wish us well, and those who don’t can go to hell!

DEC. 23, 2018 – You’ll get yours in a minute.

Once again, it is Festivus. You have once again all disappointed me, and I still have a lot of problems with you people, and now…I lost my train of thought.

OCT. 28, 2018 – He’s Keith Hernandez!

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on winning their ninth World Se…actually, no! There is nothing to celebrate, since this World Series was MISSING Keith Hernandez on Fox Sports! Come on, he won the MVP in ’79, he can do whatever he wants to! Nice job, pretty boys – George is gettin’ upset!

JUL. 15, 2018 – Maybe I’ll check out France!

Congratulations to France on winning their second World Cup title! You can be sure they are partying outside the Eiffel Towers (not the Tower, the apartment complex) in Paris tonight! If we find Joey’s dad in the celebration we’ll be sure to send a postcard!

JUL. 4, 2018 – That’s why we’re here in America!

What better way to celebrate both the land of the free’s birthday and the show of the nothing’s 29th anniversary on July 5 with a fresh batch of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee to soothe your holiday hangover this Friday, July 6! Check out Maps About Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee once you’ve had your first few cups!

JUN. 29, 2018 – That was the dry heaves.

Today we again commemorate the fourteen year vomit streak of Jerry Seinfeld, which began June 29, 1980 and was tragically cut short on February 3, 1994…and our-now six year streak of commemoration, which really isn’t such a long streak.

JUN. 14, 2018 – I’m hit!

We meet again on this day to commemorate the infamous Mets-Phillies spitting incident of 1987. Nice game, pretty boy Keith Hernandez!

JUN. 8, 2018 – Put me down! I’m down!

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors for winning their sixth (and second straight) NBA championship, defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers once again, this time in a sweep, for their fourth straight meeting in the finals…playing for everything, anything, something, nothing – who the hell cares?

But let’s not forget better things…like Season 10 of Comedians In Cars!!!

JUN. 7, 2018 – Just bring it in sideways and hook it!

Our congratulations go out to the Washington Capitals on winning the Stanley Cup for the first time in their 44 year history! The Cup should go straight to the Smithsonian…or at least in the dumpster behind the Smithsonian.

Oh, and also…Season 10 of Comedians In Cars!!!

MAY 28, 2018 – You wouldn’t last a day in the army.

Today, we honor those who suffered many a hot night, the mind racing, the ones who have a tough time keeping their feet dry when kicking in a skull. Sleep tight, mates!

MAY 14, 2018 – You look like you’re five years old!

Happy fifth anniversary to this lil’ interpose we call Maps About Nothing, and happy twentieth anniversary of The Finale! We plan to celebrate our wood anniversary by surrounding ourselves in wood, cause we need wood around us…whaddya tip a wood guy?

MAY 5, 2018 – Shove it.

Hola! It’s Cinco de Mayo everyone – get your hirachis on and get ready to dance and strut for two days!

FEB. 25, 2018 – Hamstring.

The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea have wrapped, with the likes of Germany, Norway and Canada coming out the big winners…those guys, those are our kinda guys. Faces like a big apple pie!


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