JUN. 14, 2017 – Never forget.

Thirty years since June 14, 1987, that tragic and fateful day in the left field stands

JUN. 12, 2017 – I’ve got to unlock this mystery!

Our congratulations go out to the Pittsburgh Penguins and Golden State Warriors on winning the Stanley Cup and NBA Championship, respectively – these teams keep winning so many titles, we wonder if they just have a closet full of trophies like Superman (or Christie) has outfits!?!

MAY 29, 2017 – You’re going in there soldier!

Wishing all members of the Armed Services a very happy Memorial Day today, honoring those who have served and continue to serve. The ones who get sent out into no man’s land, who get shot down and crawl all the way back. They can do it, I tell ya!

MAY 14, 2017 – You screwed me again, Costanza!

Happy fourth birthday to Maps About Nothing, also commemorating the 19th birthday of “The Finale” – just make sure you don’t keep our card under glass!

MAY 5, 2017 – No wonder we’re getting so much rain.

A long overdue hello, and a very happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone! Celebrate the day by going a little native…get the feel of their condiments, of their unmentionables, you know, the real uh, nitty gritty!

FEB. 18, 2017 – Warren Frost, 1925-2017

Our condolences go out to the family of Warren Frost, the versatile character actor best known for his roles on Twin Peaks, Matlock, and for playing Mr. Ross on Seinfeld, who died in Vermont yesterday at the age of 91. We will miss you, Warren.

FEB. 5, 2017 – Enough with the bar already!

Congratulations to the New England Patriots for winning their fifth championship at Super Bowl LI! Safety school city for the win once again!

DEC. 31, 2016 – I’ll see you two in the 21st century.

A very happy new year to all of our visitors and Seinfeld fans around the world. Hopefully 2017 is less crap-tastic than 2016 has been, and that some new Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee will start the year off right!

DEC. 21, 2016 – Season nine!

It’s an early Festivus miracle – season nine of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee! The show, which will now officially tie Seinfeld in total seasons, this year will feature Kristen Wiig, Norm MacDonald, Cedric The Entertainer, Lewis Black, Christoph Waltz and Bob Einstein, Jerry’s first repeat guest! All the fun starts January 5, for your post-grievances enjoyment!

NOV. 3, 2016 – What if there are more?

Our congratulations to the Chicago Cubs on winning their third World Series title, ending the “Curse of the Billy Goat” with their first championship since 1908! Their first championship since the time before the television, passenger planes, back even when Teddy Roosevelt was President! “Trustbuster”…bust this!

AUG. 21, 2016 – Now, to now!

Our congratulations to all the athletes and winners at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, including the big three winners, Team USA, the United Kingdom and China. Not to mention Olympic legend Michael Phelps, the second biggest name to ever come out of Towson – behind one Elaine Marie Benes, of course!

JUL. 5, 2016 – Claire?

Today we commemorate the 27th anniversary of the airing of “The Seinfeld Chronicles,” which started a TV revolution about nothing, and marked the first and last appearance of the mighty Claire. Today we remember her, and what may have been (or not)…

JUL. 4, 2016 – You gotta mulch. You’ve got to!

Happy birthday to all of the Anytowns of the USA – enjoy your barbecues, fireworks, and of course the azaleas!

JUN. 29, 2016 – Can you believe it?!?

Today we return to commemorate the epic vomit streak of one Jerome Seinfeld, ended and simultaneously started both in 1972 and 1980. That damn black and white cookie…

JUN. 19, 2016 – She’s boring, I’m boring, we’re both boring.

Our congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers on winning their first ever NBA Championship! While it was certainly a thriller for a title to return to The Forest City, one such fan didn’t seem to think so:


JUN. 14, 2016 – June 14!

You know what that means!

JUN. 13, 2016 – Forget this game!

Our congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins on winning their fourth Stanley Cup – no mentions of the city on the show, but at least these Penguins didn’t have to wear cotton uniforms!


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