Location: Asia
Languages: Indonesian
Population: 271,350,000 (2020)
Capital: Jakarta


Sunda Strait, INDONESIA (map)
The Truth
Jerry gets audited for donating money to a shoddy Krakatoan volcano relief fund, which Kramer forced on Jerry during his first date with Elaine (and he thus only donated to in order to impress Elaine).

Java, INDONESIA (map)
The Truth
Jerry, on his true intentions for donating to the volcano relief fund: “I was thinking only of the poor Krakatoan! Those brave Krakatoans! East of Java, who sacrificed so much for so long!”

The Outing
Arguing about Elaine’s refusal to take off her coat wherever she goes, George claims “there are tribes in Indonesia where if you keep your coat on in somebody’s house, the families go to war!”

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