The Bubble Boy

407 - Bubble Boy

The Bubble Boy (season 4, episode 7)

written by Larry David & Larry Charles, directed by Tom Cherones
original airdate: October 7, 1992

Jerry agrees to a visit a bubble boy on the way up to a cabin in the woods. But Jerry and Elaine get lost and George winds up fighting the bubble boy. Meanwhile, Kramer appears at the cabin and wreaks havoc.


The Improv

Jerry’s Apartment
Jerry convinces George, Susan and Elaine to stop off and see the Bubble Boy before going to Susan’s family’s cabin. Kramer plans on golfing for the weekend, but ends up overhearing Naomi’s message in Jerry’s apartment, and with his golf cancelled, drives to the cabin with Naomi.

Monk’s Café
Jerry meets Mel Sanger, a Yoo-Hoo delivery man, and takes him up on his offer to visit his son Donald on his birthday, who is a fan who lives in a bubble.

Westchester Country Club
99 Biltmore Ave., Rye, NEW YORK
Kramer announces to Jerry and George he’s spending the weekend playing here, but the weekend is cancelled due to a tournament, and he goes to the Ross’ cabin instead.

49th St., New York, NEW YORK
Kramer got to play at Westchester after he gave the pro who owns a golf shop on 49th St. some of Mr. Ross’ cigars.

Sanger House (NOT REAL)
Wappingers Falls, NEW YORK
Jerry mentions the word “Falls” is in the name (likely Wappingers Falls, only a few miles from Hopewell Junction). Susan mentions the house is on the way to her father’s cabin.

Taconic State Parkway
The gang is taking the Parkway to the Bubble Boy’s house, as Jerry and Elaine to keep up with a racing George and Susan.

John F. Kennedy International Airport
Jamaica, Queens, NEW YORK
nearest subway: Howard Beach – JFK Airport (A)
Jerry mentions George once drove from his apartment to Kennedy in 25 minutes…which George later describes to Susan as only being 15.

I-90 / Thruway toll booth
East Chatham, NEW YORK
George gives Susan money for the tolls, which are only at the end of the Taconic, which turns into the NY State Thruway eastbound in East Chatham.

Hopewell Junction, NEW YORK (map)
Jerry and Elaine get off the Taconic at the Beekman Rd. / Hopewell JCT / Sylvan Lake exit into Hopewell Junction, which turns out to be right near the Sanger’s house.

café (NOT REAL)
Wappingers Falls, NEW YORK
Intended to be down the road from the Sanger’s house, where Jerry signs a cheesy line for the waitress (“nothing’s finer than being in your diner”). This was filmed on the same set used for Reggie’s, the “Bizarro” coffee shop.

SPAIN (map)
George’s infamous Trivial Pursuit question asks who invaded Spain in the 8th century, causing the breakout of a fight between George and the Bubble Boy.

Ross’ “47 Cabin” (NOT REAL)
Kramer acccidentally burns down the Ross’ family cabin with one of Mr. Ross’ cigars.


2 thoughts on “The Bubble Boy

    • Thanks for reaching out Rich! So I have done some research, and of the three main Taconic diners (West Taghkanic, Martindale Chief or Historic Village), the exterior shown at 10:44 of the episode appears to be the exterior of the Martindale Chief in Craryville, MAYBE the West Taghkanic in Ancram. Do you happen to remember which one you were at?

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