The Junior Mint

421 - Junior Mint

The Junior Mint (season 4, episode 20)

written by Andy Robin, directed by Tom Cherones
original airdate: March 18, 1993

Jerry doesn’t know his girlfriend’s name but learns it rhymes with a female body part. Kramer drops a Junior Mint into the surgical cavity of Elaine’s boyfriend during an operation.


The Improv

Jerry’s Apartment
Jerry and Kramer struggle to hide their Junior Mint secret from Elaine, while Jerry struggles to decipher his girlfriend’s name, only knowing that it rhymes with a part of the female anatomy (“Mulva? Gipple? Loleola?”).

Monk’s Café
Jerry and George struggle to try to guess the name of Jerry’s girlfriend, only knowing it rhymes with a female body part (“Aretha? Bovary!”).

New York State Comptroller’s Office
110 State St., Albany, NEW YORK
George mentions he received a check from the Comptroller’s Office due to his donations as a student, which he decides to use to buy a painting from Roy.

Brooklyn, NEW YORK (map)
George mentions when he went to public school here, he used to put 50 cents in the Lincoln Savings Bank every week, thus why he got an interest check for $1900 from the Comptroller’s office “without doing anything.”

Kramer’s Apartment
Kramer stains his floors and wraps his entire apartment with faux-wood wallpaper, to make it look like a ski lodge (“I need wood around me. Wood, Jerry…wood!”).

St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center (now Mount Sinai West)
1000 Tenth Ave., New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: 59th Street – Columbus Circle (A,B,C,D,1)
Elaine’s ex-boyfriend Roy goes for surgery, and Jerry and Kramer accidentally let a Junior Mint drop into his open chest cavity when watching from the viewing gallery.

Pocono Mountains, PENNSYLVANIA (map)
Jerry, “the boyfriend,” tries to kaibosh Elaine’s date with Roy by claiming they are visiting here soon. Elaine, “the girlfriend,” later tries to kaibosh her plans with Roy in favor of the fake Poconos trip, to which Jerry claims he’ll “think about it.”

George’s Apartment
George claims that Roy’s art he purchased (the triangles) really spruce up his apartment.

Mulva’s apartment
New York, NEW YORK

In a deleted scene, Jerry accidentally buzzes a different apartment, giving a lonely woman false hope that her long-lost love, apparently also named Jerry, has returned.


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