The Truth

302 - Truth

The Truth (season 3, episode 2)

written by Elaine Pope, directed by David Steinberg
original airdate: September 25, 1991

George employs the truth to break up with a girlfriend. She then throws out all of Jerry’s important tax papers and checks into a mental institution. Kramer sees Elaine naked while dating her roommate.


The Improv

Jerry’s Apartment
Jerry turns his apartment upside down, trying to find receipts for his audit, especially when finding out that George has dumped Patrice and she destroyed all his records. Kramer reveals to the gang that he saw Elaine naked in her apartment.

Monk’s Café
George dumps his girlfriend Patrice, taking her request to give her the “truth,” upsetting her to the point of being institutionalized.

Sunda Strait, INDONESIA (map)
Jerry gets audited for donating money to a shoddy Krakatoan volcano relief fund, which Kramer forced on Jerry during his first date with Elaine (and he thus only donated to in order to impress Elaine).

Elaine’s Apartment
Elaine gets fed up with Kramer for constantly being in her apartment with Tina, putting in windshield coffee tables, “red-saucing” her strainer and walking in on her naked, thinking that her bedroom was a closet.

Java, INDONESIA (map)
Jerry, on his true intentions for donating to the volcano relief fund: “I was thinking only of the poor Krakatoan! Those brave Krakatoans! East of Java, who sacrificed so much for so long!”

Woodhaven Clinic (NOT REAL)
Woodhaven, Queens, NEW YORK
George and Jerry visit Patrice to find out the status of Jerry’s tax papers.

AFRICA (map)
Elaine comes home to find a nearly-nude Kramer dancing to African music, and he invites her to eat some of his African food leftovers, including yambalas and sambusa.

48th St., New York, NEW YORK
Jerry tries tracking down a receipt from a computer store he made in 1987 on 48th St. as part of his audit.


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