Del Boca Vista

Del Boca Vista


“Where living has no limits”
The second home of Jerry’s parents, Morty and Helen, from Seasons Seven until the end of the series, and very temporary home of George’s parents, in a retirement community in Florida. Not a real location, but based on Florida retirement communities like Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, etc.


The Shower Head
Jerry mentions his parents are scheduled to move in here from Pines Of Mar Gables, but are in New York until they’re ready. George convinces his parents to move there as well, but they decide to stay, since they cannot bear being away from George.

The Foundation
Jerry warns Morty not to eat anything he caught in the pond in front of their condo…before quickly telling him he’s no longer engaged to Jeannie.

The Little Jerry
Jerry’s parents call him, worried about money, and send him $50 because his check bounced at Marcellino’s bodega.

The Money
Frank and Estelle buy a condo at Del Boca Vista, since Queens is too “low-rent” for them…but quickly decide to return to Queens after seeing a “bum” (actually Jerry) sleeping in a car. Helen and Morty eventually leave Del Boca Vista for a trailer (“its too much house”), since they want to save their money to still support Jerry.

The English Patient
Jerry visits his parents and helps them move their things back into Del Boca Vista. Jerry gets to meet the Mandelbaum clan, who blame Jerry for thinking he’s better than them (and subsequently putting all of them in the hospital).

The Blood
Helen and Morty explain to Jerry that to maintain their health, they joined a program where they walk around their block 3 times a week (and every morning, Morty eats a plum). They later call after hearing from Kramer that Jerry was in the hospital.

The Wizard
Kramer retires from “the grind” and moves down to Del Boca Vista, eventually running for condo president. Jerry visits his parents, and grudgingly tries helping his father install a puppet regime with Kramer in charge, as Morty cannot run for President himself, but the fake Wizards (the “Willards” from Bob Sacamano Sr.) bring down the campaign.

The Bookstore
Talking to his parents about Uncle Leo, Jerry discovers that Leo has prior criminal charges, and could actually serve time in prison for theft.

The Finale
Jerry tells Helen and Morty the show “Jerry” was picked up by NBC, and Morty reveals all he watches on television is “Xena: Warrior Princess.”


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