Elaine’s Apartment #3

Elaine's Apartment 3

78 W. 86th St., Apt. 3E, New York, NEW YORK (map)

Elaine’s apartment which she moves in during the middle of Season Eight, and remains in until the end of the series.
nearest subway: 86th Street (B,C)


The Pothole
Elaine struggles ordering supreme flounder from a local Chinese restaurant, as she lives on the wrong side of 86th St. Elaine takes up “residence” in the janitor closet across the street for the flounder…and inadvertently ends up working in the building as an actual janitor.

The Nap
Elaine gets a new ergonomic bed from her boyfriend Hal, but wrongfully loans it to a stinky Kramer. Elaine later gets trapped under the mattress trying to get it out of her apartment…resorting to swimming the East River with Kramer to help her back problems.

The Summer Of George
Elaine’s recording of Sam’s verbal threats include Sam warning Elaine that she will follow her to her building’s laundry room, or the ATM in the building across the street, or a nearby watch shop.

The Butter Shave
Elaine requests a cab to 86th and Broadway from the airport, but is forced to share…with both Puddy and “Vegetable Lasagna.”

The Voice
Elaine convinces herself to call Puddy back, thus falling right into Jerry’s “backslide” prediction. Puddy later comes over, and Elaine forces him back into a relationship…including cuddling.

The Slicer
Elaine dreams she is in bed with Jerry, George and Kramer, when she is woken up by her neighbor’s left-on alarm clock. She later locks herself in her apartment, and later blows the power to her floor trying to shut off the alarm.

The Betrayal
Elaine receives an invitation to Sue Ellen’s wedding at the end (or beginning) of the episode, sarcastically telling herself that she’ll go to India.

The Apology
Kramer calls Puddy at Elaine’s for help installing his garbage disposal in his shower. Kramer later brings over a salad for Elaine, Puddy and Peggy as a thank you, and reveals to the germophobes that he prepared the meal as he bathed.

The Dealership
Jerry persuades Elaine, who has already returned home, to get back together with Puddy so he can get his Saab deal back.

The Reverse Peephole
Elaine invites over Newman to discuss the fur coat…even forcing her to actually hit on Newman. Puddy later debuts his 8-Ball jacket at Elaine’s, saying the fur made Jerry look like a “dandy.”

The Burning
Elaine and Puddy argue over Elaine’s faith (or lack thereof), and whether she’s going to hell.

The Bookstore
Elaine helps her fake boyfriend go through real withdrawal…and discovers the detox poncho for the Peterman catalog.

The Maid
Kramer begins having restaurant menus faxed to Elaine’s apartment, thinking she in fact has a fax machine. Elaine later gets a 212 area code number registered from her dead neighbor, and is forced to tell her grandson that his grandmother has died.

The Finale
Elaine tries calling her friend Jill about her father’s cancer, but is “defeated” in a phone face-off by Jerry’s news of the pilot’s renewal.


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