Location: Asia
Languages: Hindi, English
Population: 1,375,513,356 (2021)
Capital: New Delhi


West Bengal, INDIA (map)
The Fatigues
Eddie comes up with gruesome copy for Bengalese galoshes (“it’s tough keeping your feet dry, when you’re kicking in a skull!”).

INDIA (map)
The Betrayal
Jerry, Elaine, George and George’s girlfriend Nina head to India for Sue Ellen Mischke’s wedding…until its discovered that Elaine slept with the groom (which George blurts in front of the entire wedding).

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
Sahar Rd., Mumbai, INDIA
The Betrayal
“Notes About Nothing” on the Season 9 DVD set mentions the flight distance from New York City to Mumbai Airport, so its implied this is the airport they flew to and from.

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