Nickname: The Silver State
Population: 3,080,156 (2019)
Capital: Carson City


Las Vegas, NEVADA (map)
The Pitch / Ticket
Jerry mentions Las Vegas in his closing monologue, joking that traffic offenders should be punished with perpetual slow drivers surrounding them, especially on trips to places like Vegas.

Las Vegas, NEVADA (map)
The Beard
Jerry is asked the following “Melrose Place”-related question on his polygraph test: “Did Jane’s finance kidnap Sydney and take her to Las Vegas? And if so, did she enjoy it?”

Las Vegas, NEVADA (map)
The Van Buren Boys
Jerry, already wanting to dump his current girlfriend Ellen, wonders aloud in front of his parents if his ex Amber is back from Vegas.

Las Vegas, NEVADA (map)
The Burning
Jerry mentions comics use showmanship in Vegas…to which George questions whether Jerry’s actually played Vegas, with Jerry only replying “I hear things!”


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