Location: South America
Languages: Spanish
Population: 33,035,304 (2021)
Capital: Lima


PERU (map)
The Calzone
The cigars Todd Gack gets for Jerry from Montreal are actually a “Producto de Peru,” not from Cuba. Jerry’s reaction: “I paid 300 bucks for these! I could’ve got a house in Peru for 300 bucks!”

PERU (map)
The Millennium
Kramer (in disguise as H.E. Pennypacker) mentions he’s looking to open a silver mine in the mountains of Peru, and is at Putumayo to learn “their (Peruvian) condiments, their unmentionables, the real gritty gritty.”

Machu Picchu
Cuzco, PERU
The Millennium
When enjoying Putumayo’s complimentary corn chips, Kramer blurts out Machu Picchu, apparently thinking this was the name of the food he was eating.

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