Location: Europe
Languages: Swedish
Population: 9,981,799 (2016)
Capital: Stockholm


SWEDEN (map)
The Letter
Kramer tells the owners of “The Kramer” that he hopped a steamship to Sweden when he was 17 years old.

SWEDEN (map)
The Masseuse
Jerry mentions Sweden in his closing monologue, noting how the Swedish are big into getting “meat in their hands,” between the massages and the meatballs. He also notes that for a neutral country, Sweden is pretty tense, as they have a very high suicide rate.

SWEDEN (map)
The Hot Tub
Kramer remarks how he opens up all the windows in his apartment, so its freezing cold, while the hot tub is boiling hot…”it’s like Sweden…Sweeeeden!”

Stockholm, SWEDEN (map)
The Shower Head
One of the black-market shower heads offered to Kramer and Newman is called the “Stockholm Superstream.”

SWEDEN (map)
The Wait Out
Kramer remarks to Jerry that he has the body of a “taut, pre-teen Swedish boy.”

Trollhättan Assembly
Saabvägen 5, Trollhättan, SWEDEN
The Puerto Rican Day
As Kal Varnsen and H.E. Pennypacker, Jerry questions Kramer as to who’s watching the “Saab Factory”…to which Kramer reminds Jerry that the actual Saab factory is in Sweden.

SWEDEN (map)
The Finale
In a deleted scene, George suggests the gang use NBC’s plane to visit here, since the sun doesn’t go down until 3 AM, but is kaiboshed by Jerry and Elaine, as the hotel may only have vertical blinds, thus making sleep impossible with so much sunlight.

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