The Cigar Store Indian

510 - Cigar Store Indian

The Cigar Store Indian (season 5, episode 10)

written by Tom Gammill & Max Pross, directed by Tom Cherones
original airdate: December 9, 1993

Jerry offends Elaine’s friend with a cigar store Indian. Kramer sells his coffee table book idea to Elaine’s boss, Mr. Lippman.


Monk’s Café is not featured in this episode.

The Improv

Jerry’s Apartment
Jerry gives Elaine Winona’s copy of the infamous Al Roker TV Guide…which she later asks Jerry back for. When Jerry implies that asking for an already-given gift back is familiar to an aboriginally-offensive term, Jerry simply replies with “I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with that term.”

Costanza House
Jerry and Elaine mention the house smells like dandruff, kasha, mothballs, cheap carpeting…potpourri really. George hosts Sylvia at the house, pretending its his own…but he can only serve prune juice because he “forgot” the combination to the liquor cabinet. Frank discovers his TV Guide is missing, and Estelle finds a condom wrapper on her bed, and as a result, George is grounded.

Queensboro Plaza station
27th St. and Queens Pl., Long Island City, Queens, NEW YORK
nearest subway: Queensboro Plaza (7,N,Q)
Kramer tries to grab a gyro from the station platform, but misses getting back on the train, and loses his gyro (as Jerry has happen later by Al Roker). Elaine later tries grabbing a gyro, and is successful…but gets sauce on Frank’s new TV Guide. This station is accessible on the N, Q or 7 lines.

Revelations Antiques (NOT REAL)
45 Second Ave., New York, NEW YORK (map)
nearest subway: 2nd Avenue (F)

Where George gets his parents’ coffee table refinished, and Jerry buys Elaine a cigar store Indian as a “peace offering.” George mentions he lives around the corner, seemingly placing the store in Queens, despite the storefront actually being in Manhattan. Thanks Erkan B. for the tip!

Elaine’s Apartment
Elaine hosts a girl’s poker night, when Jerry brings over the cigar store Indian as a gift for Elaine, offending Winona.

Winona’s apartment
New York, NEW YORK

Jerry simultaneously offends a Chinese mailman by asking for good nearby Chinese food, and Kramer drives by in a taxi with the indian in front of Winona, deeply offending her as well.

Ricky’s apartment
New York, NEW YORK

Ricky is seen furiously working at a paper arrangement, made up of the discarded TV Guide Elaine left behind on the subway.

ISRAEL (map)
Jerry, in saying that society is becoming too racially sensitive, mentions that if someone asks him “which way is Israel, I don’t fly off the handle!”

Bourbon St., New Orleans, LOUISIANA (map)
After discovering a used condom wrapper in their bedroom, Frank laments that he’s gone two weeks, and George has turned their house “into Bourbon Street.”

The Gentle Harvest (NOT REAL)
New York, NEW YORK

Jerry tells Winona they’ll go for dinner here, where he made reser…he arranged for the appropriate accommodations.

Madison Square Garden
4 Pennsylvania Pl., New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: 34th Street – Penn Station (1,2,3)
Jerry tells Winona he got floor seats to a Knicks game from a scal…one of those guys, the guys, they sell the tickets to the sold out events.

Gus’ Smoke Shop (NOT REAL)
600 Madison Ave., New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: 5th Avenue – 59th Street (N,Q,R)
Kramer tries to sell his cigar store indian to this store, before meeting Mr. Lippman. Lippman claims the cigar store is “right next door” to Pendant Publishing.

Pendant Publishing
Kramer sells the Indian to Mr. Lippman, and pitches the coffee table book idea to him. Lippman tells Elaine she should come up with ideas like Kramer’s, asking “what the hell do you do around here all day anyway?”

Santa Fe, NEW MEXICO (map)
Mr. Lippman mentions to Kramer that his coffee table was custom-made for him in Santa Fe.


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