The Dealership

911 - Dealership

The Dealership (season 9, episode 11)

written by Steve Koren, directed by Andy Ackerman
original airdate: January 8, 1998

Jerry decides to buy a new car from Puddy. A starving George accuses a mechanic of stealing his Twix bar. Kramer test-drives a car, emptying its gas tank. Puddy’s obsession with high-fives leads Elaine to break up with him…again.


The Improv, Jerry’s Apartment and Monk’s Café are not featured in this episode – the only episode in the show’s history where none of the major three locations are featured or referenced.

European International Motors (NOT REAL)

Jerry goes to visit Puddy to get an insiders deal on a new black 1998 Saab 900…but the deal falls apart when he refuses to high five Puddy constantly. George becomes enraged with the staff, after he continuously misses out on snacks to ease his crippling hunger. Kramer goes for a test drive with Rick in Jerry’s new car, trying to push the boundaries of the cars “Fuel Empty” needle.

New York, NEW YORK

Puddy takes out Elaine to celebrate his promotion at a restau…Arby’s. As per their agreement to get back together that Jerry negotiates, Puddy agrees to take Elaine here no more than once a month. George later gets Arby’s for the cab home, to settle his massive hunger. There are no Arby’s locations in Manhattan, with the closest being in New Jersey (96 Meadow Rd., Rutherford) to the west, or Queens (69-16 Metropolitan Ave., Middle Village) to the east.

J.G. Melon
1291 Third Ave., New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: 77th Street (6)
Kramer and Rick pass by here on Kramer’s “test drive” through Manhattan.

Elaine’s Apartment
Jerry persuades Elaine, who has already returned home, to get back together with Puddy so he can get his Saab deal back.

Interstate 95 Exit 15 (New Rochelle, The Pelhams)
Interstate 95 and U.S. Route 1, New Rochelle, NEW YORK
Kramer and Rick decide at the last minute to truly test the Saab’s tank, peeling off of Exit 15 at the last minute to continue down I-95, screaming in glee as they do it.


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