Location: Asia
Languages: Mandarin
Population: 1,407,431,600 (2021)
Capital: Beijing


CHINA (map)
The Parking Garage
Jerry claims he needs to see his parents to the mall security guard, as his father has spent the last 14 years in a red Chinese prison.

Beijing, CHINA (map)
The Tape
George calls a hair restoration clinic, led by Dr. Zhao Zhang, to order baldness curing cream; Ping the delivery boy spends a while chit-chatting with Beijing, prompting an upset Jerry to end the call over the long distance charges.

CHINA (map)
The Chinese Woman
Jerry mentions China in his opening monologue, crediting the Chinese people for sticking to chopsticks, even though they are by now aware of other cutlery technology.

CHINA (map)
The Race
While lamenting the fall of the Soviet Union, Elaine’s boyfriend Ned mentions “we still got China, Cuba…but its not the same.”

Gan River, CHINA (map)
The Secret Code
Mr. Peterman tells George he was once searching for the Gan Jiang River market (the Gan River flows through Jiangxi).

CHINA (map)
The Gum
Lloyd Braun tells Jerry that the gum he’s given him is from China, and that he could arrange for more if Jerry would like.

Shanghai, CHINA (map)
The Shower Head
Mr. Peterman refers to opium as “Shanghai sally.”

Yangtze River, CHINA (map)
The Shower Head
Mr. Peterman mentions in 1979, he was traveling the Yangtze in search of a Mongolian horse-hair vest when he took “just a taste” of opium.

CHINA (map)
The Invitations
George proposes he writes Susan a letter to dump her, and then moves to China, disappearing “in a sea of people”, for 6 months to a year…but decides it can’t work because he’d lose his job.

CHINA (map)
The Wizard
George mentions how any news about China is an “instant page turner.”

Hong Kong, CHINA (map)
The Bookstore
Kramer mentions how he wants to see Hong Kong’s pagodas “before it all goes back to China”; he also mentions how the city has outlawed the rickshaw, which he things would fit perfectly in New York…and has Newman ship a rickshaw from the Hong Kong post office to start their endeavor.

CHINA (map)
The Bookstore
Kramer mentions that he wants to see the pagodas of Hong Kong before it is returned to China…only a year too late, as China overtook control of Hong Kong in 1997.

Hong Kong General Post Office
2 Connaught Place, Hong Kong, CHINA
The Bookstore
Kramer mentions that he and Newman are getting their rickshaw from a guy Newman knows in the Hong Kong Post Office. The GPO is headquartered in Connaught Place.


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