The Doll

717 - Doll

The Doll (season 7, episode 17)

written by Tom Gammill & Max Pross, directed by Andy Ackerman
original airdate: February 22, 1996

George discovers that Susan has a doll that looks exactly like his mother. Susan’s college roommate, Sally Weaver, screws up the bit Jerry had planned for his appearance on “The Charles Grodin Show.” Frank turns George’s childhood room into a billiards parlor.


The Improv

Jerry’s Apartment
Thanks to Susan’s friend Sally’s cheapness, Jerry’s gift for Charles Grodin (a bottle of barbeque sauce) breaks in his suitcase. Jerry later finds out she is coming to New York, so arranges for her to bring a large, inconvenient gift for him. An exhausted and terrified George shows Jerry and Elaine the doll that looks exactly like Estelle.

Monk’s Café
Frank tells George that he is turning his old bedroom into a billiards parlor. George and Elaine are told the story of Frank’s long-lost cousin Carlo, who Elaine thinks she spotted while vacationing in Tuscany. George tries to have a meal with his mother’s doppelganger doll.

Memphis Civic Center (NOT REAL)
The episode’s cript stated that Jerry’s show takes place at the Memphis Civic Center, where he does a set and then meets Sally Weaver.

Memphis International Airport
2491 Winchester Rd., Memphis, TENNESSEE
Jerry gets out of a night with Sally by saying he’s going straight to the airport, where he flies on Trump Airlines.

Frank tells George he wants to convert his old bedroom into a billiards parlor, since he is no longer moving to Florida.

Costanza House
Frank puts a pool table in George’s room (deeming it “the place to be”), but its a tad squishy for Frank, Kramer and the Maestro.

Tuscany, ITALY (map)
Elaine mentions she took a picture with The Maestro of a man in front of a sign reading “Costanza” here, which Frank believes is his long-lost cousin Carlo (the one brother who stayed behind), Frank mentions he was born in Italy, which is why he had no interest in politics, since he can’t be President (“they don’t want me, I don’t want them!”). Elaine reveals the trip was cut short when she spilled red wine on a poster of Maestro’s favorite composer, Jose Carreras (“that other guy”) from the Three Tenors. Frank flies to Tuscany to Costanza Import & Export, where he finds a man named Giuseppe, not Carlo. The map in the episode area between Florence to the north, Siena to the south, San Gimignano (“Manhattan of Tuscany”) to the west, and Arezzo to the east.

FedEx Corporation
942 S. Shady Grove Rd., Memphis, TENNESSEE
George tells Jerry that Sally is a big executive at Federal Express.

2200 Fletcher Ave., Fort Lee, NEW JERSEY
Jerry mentions he bought a bottle of BBQ sauce for Charles Grodin with a face on the label that looked like him, to give him as a gift for his appearance on “The Charles Grodin Show.” However, it was destroyed on Jerry’s flight, thanks to Sally’s oversized package.

George’s Apartment
Susan moves in her doll collection, including one that looks shockingly like Estelle.

Queens Convalescent Center (NOT REAL)
Queens, NEW YORK
Where Kramer and Frank meet with the Maestro to discuss the picture…and they learn a pant-crease trick from Maestro. Elaine later goes to drop off her “other guy” poster at a performance Maestro has…with a bent baton. Likely either meant to be the Queens Center For Rehabilitation (15715 19th Ave., Flushing) or Queens Adult Care Center (8008 45th Ave., Flushing).


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