The Baby Shower

204 - Baby Shower

The Baby Shower (season 2, episode 10)

written by Larry Charles, directed by Tom Cherones
original airdate: May 16, 1991

Elaine throws a baby shower in Jerry’s apartment. George plots revenge on the guest of honor. Kramer talks Jerry into getting illegal cable but the installers end up crashing the baby shower.


The Improv

Jerry’s Apartment
Elaine hosts a baby shower for her friend Leslie when Jerry is out of town, but he returns sooner than expected and partakes. Kramer tries to install illegal cable in Jerry’s apartment with disastrous results.

Monk’s Café
After George describes Leslie as the worst date of his life, Elaine asks if she can use Jerry’s apartment to host a baby shower for her, as Jerry will be out of town doing shows.

Chappaquiddick, MASSACHUSETTS (map)
Jerry mentions that Leslie’s husband tried blaming the Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick incident on “bad directions” at their wedding.

Brooklyn, NEW YORK (map)
George says Leslie once dragged him to a performance at a warehouse on the waterfront in Brooklyn.

Elaine’s Apartment
Elaine mentions she would host the baby shower, but her roomate has Epstein-Barr syndrome “with a twist of Lyme disease.”

Danbury, CONNECTICUT (map)
Elaine says her roommate Tina got sick “during the love-in” during an outdoor production of “Hair” in Danbury.

Buffalo, NEW YORK (map)
Jerry lets Elaine use his apartment while he is performing at a show in Buffalo.

Kramer refers to the cable guys as the “Sakharov of cable guys,” who “escaped the Gulag.”

Queens, NEW YORK
George picks up Jerry from the airport, with the ulterior motive of taking Jerry back to his apartment so he can confront Leslie at her baby shower.

Riverside Dr., New York, NEW YORK
Leslie mentions to Elaine that she just got an apartment here, where Bernard Goetz’s mother used to live.

Hyannisport, MASSACHUSETTS (map)
Leslie says her husband Todd is in Hyannisport while she’s at the baby shower.

50 Mall Dr. W., Jersey City, NEW JERSEY
Leslie complains to Elaine about her baby shower, asking “who catered this, Sears?” The closest Sears to Jerry’s Apartment is this location.

Tufts University
419 Boston Ave., Medford, MASSACHUSETTS
Leslie tells Elaine that she’s just like she was in college…as a putdown, not as a compliment.


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