The Keys

322 - Keys

The Keys (season 3, episode 23)

written by Larry Charles, directed by Tom Cherones
original airdate: May 6, 1992

Jerry takes away Kramer’s spare keys to his apartment. This leads to further key swapping among the foursome. Kramer sets out for Hollywood to pursue his acting dreams. Jerry and George discover that Elaine is secretly writing a script for Murphy Brown.


The Improv

Jerry’s Apartment
Jerry takes away Kramer’s spare key to his apartment, for continually breaking “the covenant of the keys,” upsetting Kramer so much that he takes off to California to pursue his acting career, leaving New York behind. Jerry and Elaine later are watching “Murphy Brown” when they see Kramer’s cameo as Stephen Snell.

Monk’s Café
Kramer and George meet at the coffee shop to exchange keys, where George describes his yearning and “constant craving” to Kramer. George later meets Jerry to give him Elaine’s spare key, leading to a physical struggle over Jerry getting her keys.

Wichita, KANSAS (map)
Jerry asks his date Lisa if she ever acts as if thieves are chasing her for fun, to which she replies “no…I’m from Wichita.”

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (map)
Kramer heads to the west coast to feed his acting “bug” ever since his extremely minor role in a Woody Allen movie in “The Alternate Side.”

Elaine’s Apartment
George tries getting his keys back from Elaine, who is now considering taking Jerry’s key instead. Jerry and George later try retrieving Jerry’s key from the apartment, when they stumble upon a Murphy Brown spec script Elaine is writing in secret.

Mulholland Dr., Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (map)
Kramer’s motorcycle ride into Los Angeles was shot on Mulholland.

Venice Beach Boardwalk
Venice, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA
Kramer is shown rollerblading down the boardwalk after finally making it to California.

Warner Brothers Studios
3400 Riverside Dr., Burbank, CALIFORNIA
Kramer gets a part playing Murphy’s new secretary, Stephen Snell, for an episode of “Murphy Brown” (which was filmed at Warner Brothers as well).


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