The Trip

401-02 - Trip

The Trip (season 4, episodes 1 & 2)

written by Larry Charles, directed by Tom Cherones
original airdate: August 12 and 19, 1992

When Jerry is booked to appear on “The Tonight Show,” he takes George with him to Los Angeles to search for Kramer. George and Jerry are unaware that Kramer is in trouble as a victim of mistaken identity. Jerry and George discover that Kramer is suspected as the serial killer known as the “Smog Strangler.”


The Improv

Jerry’s Apartment
Jerry and George return, and are just watching television when Kramer suddenly appears, back in New York, returning Jerry’s keys and borrowing food, as if nothing has changed.

Monk’s Café
Jerry tells George about Kramer’s cameo on “Murphy Brown,” and invites him to join him in California when he goes to appear on “The Tonight Show.”

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (map)
Jerry invites George to accompany him to L.A., where he is appearing on “The Tonight Show,” and so they can find Kramer. Jerry also mentions L.A. in his closing monologue, noting the irony of smog alerts warning Angelenos to stay indoors, breathing the same smoggy air as outside.

Universal Studios
100 Universal City Plaza, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA
George initially wants to go on the Universal tour with Jerry to see the “Backdraft” exhibit.

CBS Studio Center
4024 Radford Ave., Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA
Kramer tries teaching an acting class, but is tossed out of the studio. He later drives right through the main gate arm, breaking it, on his way out of the studio.

Las Palmas Hotel
1738 N. Las Palmas Ave., Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA
Kramer takes up residence at the hotel, befriending Helene while trying to pitch his treatment. The police APB later sent out for the Smog Strangler incorrectly named the address as 1648 N. Las Palmas Ave.

Queens, NEW YORK
Jerry and George head to “La La Land,” where George is accosted for his hand cream at airport security. Which airport they head to is not determined in the episode.

Chicago, ILLINOIS (map)
A poster for Chicago is visible behind Jerry and George in the security lineup at the airport.

Madison, WISCONSIN (map)
A poster for Madison is visible behind Jerry and George in the security lineup at the airport.

Statue Of Liberty
Liberty Island, New York, NEW YORK
A poster for the Statue Of Liberty is visible behind Jerry and George in the security lineup at the airport.

Hollywood Sign
Mt. Lee Dr., Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA
The sign is seen in an establishing shot of Kramer driving to an audition, and later when Jerry, George and Kramer are eating following Kramer’s release from jail.

idbox Productions (NOW CLOSED)
4063 Radford Ave., Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA
Kramer comes in for one audition, but ends up in four: the music video, the horror movie, the exercise tape and the infomercial. Kramer also meets Chelsea, who he starts up a relationship with, until she is murdered by the Smog Strangler.

Insomnia Café
7286 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA
Kramer and Chelsea go out for coffee, where they discuss his treatment and her role as Eva Braun. A nervous Kramer also meets Fred Savage, who he scares away from the café.

Universal City Hilton
555 Universal Hollywood Dr., Universal City, CALIFORNIA
George and Jerry stay here for his appearance on The Tonight Show, where they argue over tucking vs. no tucking and chambermaid tip etiquette.

Ventura Pl., Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (map)
All storefront and street scenes (i.e. Kramer’s copy place) were filmed on Ventura Place, which runs 0.2 miles between Ventura Blvd. and Laurel Canyon Blvd.

Los Angeles Police Department
100 W. 1st St., Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA
Kramer is questioned by police about possibly being the Smog Strangler.

NBC Studios (Burbank)
3000 W. Alameda Ave., Burbank, CALIFORNIA
Jerry and George head to The Tonight Show, where George meets Corbin Bernsen and George Wendt, and Jerry forgets his lines (thanks to the chambermaid) and bombs onstage.

Cheers Beacon Hill (formerly Bull & Finch Pub)
84 Beacon St., Boston, MASSACHUSETTS
George tries convincing George Wendt that “it’s enough with the bar already” on Cheers, referring to this bar where the show takes place.

pay phone
12145 Ventura Blvd., Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA
Jerry and George place a call from here to 911 to try and get Kramer off the hook as the Smog Strangler. As noted by reader Joe, the actual pay phone was located around the corner at 12041 Ventura Place.

Hollywood Fwy., Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (map)
Jerry is directed to routes 101, 170 and / or 134 by the police, to no avail, forcing them to call in a “black and white” to pick them up. Kramer later claims that L.A. is a very lonely place, even when you’re stuck in the middle of traffic on the Hollywood Freeway.

England, UNITED KINGDOM (map)
When discussing the “effectiveness” of police siren noises (changing from the “waaa-waaa” to “woo-woo-woo”) with George and the police officers, Jerry brings up sirens used in England, that go “eee-aaa-eee-aaa,” before being cut off due to their irritating behavior.

Bicycle Shack (NOW CLOSED)
Ventura Pl., Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA
LAPD arrests Tobias in front of the Bicycle Shack for a 519, before George accidentally sets him free. Down the street from Jack’s Cleaners (see below), which is only around 500 feet from the spot of where the pay phone call was placed.

Jack’s Cleaners
12043 Ventura Pl., Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA
The police car passes Jack’s as Jerry, George and Tobias discuss weather and argue over how much to tip chambermaids.

Las Palmas parking lot
12033 Ventura Pl., Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA
Trying to rush in to see Kramer, George and Jerry leave the police car doors open, allowing Tobias, the real serial killer, to escape. This was shot outside Big 5 Sporting Goods.

County Of Los Angeles Central Jail (NOT REAL)
There is no real County Of Los Angeles…it’s really Los Angeles County. Kramer is held for interrogation as the Smog Strangler, until another dead body is discovered.

Laurel Canyon
Lt. Martel releases Kramer when he announces another Smog Strangler victim was found in Laurel Canyon while Kramer was being held.


4 thoughts on “The Trip

  1. Kramer did not go to LA Insomnia he went to the Insomnia cafe in Sherman Oaks. Jerry would drive by every day on the way to the studios and we would wave. I was the owner that signed over the rights to se Insomnia Cafe Sherman Oaks! Great show!

  2. Located: The pay phone Jerry and George use to call 911 to try and get Kramer off the hook as the Smog Strangler. While Jerry reads off “12145 Ventura Blvd” from the pay phone, it’s actually at 12041 Ventura Pl, Studio City, CA 91604. Right under and directly to left of the large Big 5 Sporting Goods sign, to the right of LA Flora Nails. Google maps shows a modified abandoned pay phone pedestal at this location in 2011, now gone. Notice the parking gate across the street and the shrubs and brick wall. It’s a possible practice to use incorrect addresses in dialog to avoid traffic control or public stalking issues.

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