Nickname: The Volunter State
Population: 6,829,174 (2019)
Capital: Nashville


Cumberland Gap, TENNESSEE (map)
The Red Dot
Jerry mentions the Cumberland Gap to Dick during his set, in trying to explain smooth trails for alcohol transport via wagon. The Cumberland Gap runs through Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia.

Mississippi River
The Boyfriend
George and Jerry argue over their favorite explorers, which George claims is de Soto, who found the river. Jerry’s rebuttal: “Oh yeah, like they wouldn’t have found that anyways.” Historical notes say Hernando de Soto first discovered the River in or around Memphis in 1541.

Memphis Civic Center (NOT REAL)
The Doll
The episode’s cript stated that Jerry’s show takes place at the Memphis Civic Center, where he does a set and then meets Sally Weaver.

Memphis International Airport
2491 Winchester Rd., Memphis, TENNESSEE
The Doll
Jerry gets out of a night with Sally by saying he’s going straight to the airport, where he flies on Trump Airlines.

FedEx Corporation
942 S. Shady Grove Rd., Memphis, TENNESSEE
The Doll
George tells Jerry that Sally is a big executive at Federal Express.

Memphis, TENNESSEE (map)
The Bottle Deposit
Kramer mentions he has enough gas in the mail truck’s tank to follow Tony in Jerry’s stolen car to Memphis.

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