Elaine’s Apartment #1

Elaine's Apartment 1

17 E. 7th St., NEW YORK, NEW YORK (map)

Elaine’s apartment that she shares downtown with her roommate Tina (who she later sublets from), from the start of the series until the end of Season Five. Although the exterior of the building shown is actually 448 Central Park W., multiple episodes reference Elaine living downtown, and the official Sony Pictures “Seinfeld” map shows the 7th St. address.
nearest subway: Astor Place (6)


The Stock Tip
Elaine mentions she lost a grape in her apartment, thus being late to meet Jerry and George.

The Ex-Girlfriend
Elaine mentions how she is on a no-talk basis with a teacher in her building.

The Deal
Elaine and Jerry experience their first issues with their “deal,” after Jerry tries to leave after having sex without staying for the night.

The Baby Shower
Elaine mentions she would host the baby shower, but her roomate has Epstein-Barr syndrome “with a twist of Lyme disease.”

The Busboy
Elaine frantically tries getting her boyfriend Ed to the airport on time, even making him wear her sweater when they are running late.

The Truth
Elaine gets fed up with Kramer for constantly being in her apartment with Tina, putting in windshield coffee tables, “red-saucing” her strainer and walking in on her naked, thinking that her bedroom was a closet.

The Tape
George drives Elaine home, and is extremely resilient in avoiding the urge to go in to the apartment, as he is extremely attracted to Elaine after discovering she was the voice on the tape.

The Nose Job
Audrey is revealed to be staying with Elaine while Tina is out of town, and reveals her first nose job to the gang, causing Kramer to declare “you were butchered!” and making George faint.

The Fix-Up
Elaine tries convincing Cynthia to go out with George, offering a rather unflattering description of George in the process.

The Boyfriend
Elaine and Keith Hernandez are parked outside her building, where Keith makes a move on her.

The Good Samaritan
Elaine is on the phone with Jerry at her apartment when Jerry witnesses a hit-and-run. Elaine later accidentally gives away Robin’s location to Michael when he is looking for her, essentially revealing their extramarital affair.

The Keys
George tries getting his keys back from Elaine, who is now considering taking Jerry’s key instead. Jerry and George later try retrieving Jerry’s key from the apartment, when they stumble upon a Murphy Brown spec script Elaine is writing in secret.

The Contest
Elaine is seen tossing and turning in bed, struggling to sleep due to the Contest. Elaine also reveals that she lives downtown, as she had to lie about living near Jerry to split a cab with John F. Kennedy Jr., after which she headed back downtown.

The Pick
Elaine mentions she sent a Christmas card with her nipple showing to the superintendent of her building.

The Mango
Jerry is parked outside of Elaine’s building after seeing a movie (with the “phoney baloney” Meryl Streep), with Jerry still upset over Elaine’s admission over faking “it” when dating Jerry.

The Sniffing Accountant
Elaine and Jake Jarmel have a fight over their differences regarding exclamation points, after Jake fails to “capture the moment” of an exciting phone message for Elaine.

The Masseuse
Elaine and Joel Rifkin argue over potential new names for Joel…including Stewart, Todd, Ned or Remy.

The Cigar Store Indian
Elaine hosts a girl’s poker night, when Jerry brings over the cigar store Indian as a gift for Elaine, offending Winona.

The Conversion
Elaine offends her podiatrist boyfriend by telling him that he’s not really a doctor. He later discovers the fungal cream tube in Elaine’s medicine cabinet, making him question his relationship with her.

The Stall
Elaine questions Tony on the words “radical reconstructive surgery” following his rock climbing accident. George tries to reconcile with Tony, but Tony and Elaine tell George to “step off” once and for all.

The Stand-In
Phil Tatola drops off Elaine at her apartment…but not before taking “it” out in the car.

The Raincoats
Elaine questions Aaron the close-talker as to why he loved going to the museum with the Seinfelds so much.

The Opposite
Elaine reveals she’s been subletting her apartment from Tina, who moved out four years earlier. Elaine then gets evicted for buzzing up a jewel thief on Thanksgiving, buzzing up Jehovah’s Witnesses, and for using Canadian quarters in the laundry machine.


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