Elaine’s Apartment #2

Elaine's Apartment 2

16 W. 75th St., New York, New York (map)

Elaine’s apartment which she moves in at the start of Season Six, but is gone by Season Eight.
nearest subway: 72nd Street (B,C)


The Chinese Woman
This is the first appearance of Elaine’s second apartment, since being evicted from her previous apartment in “The Opposite.” Elaine tries to slip a call past Noreen’s new boyfriend Paul, the “long talker.”

The Couch
Elaine offers Carl the delivery man a grape juice, but in throwing it to him, smashes it and spills it over Jerry’s original couch.

The Race
Elaine gets herself and her communist boyfriend Ned blacklisted from Hop Sing’s Chinese restaurant.

The Doodle
Elaine meets her friend Judy outside her building, thanking her for the interview opportunity at Viking, when discovering she left an important manuscript for the interview at Jerry’s.

The Fusilli Jerry
Puddy uses “the move” on Elaine that he learned from Jerry during their sacred auto shop man-talk.

The Face Painter
Elaine discovers that Puddy is a die-hard New Jersey Devils fan…and a face painter. Elaine convinces him to stop painting his face…but he continues painting in general, now on his chest.

The Engagement
Elaine is tortured by a barking dog across her courtyard, prompting her to hire Kramer and Newman to take care of the problem.

The Postponement
Elaine gets Rabbi Kirschbaum to help resolve the dog issue, and Elaine spills her guts about her jealousy of George’s engagement.

The Maestro
Elaine and Maestro are kissing, when Elaine accidentally calls him “Bob” in the heat of the moment.

The Wink
Elaine meets her wake-up guy, James, over the phone, and makes a date in-person.

The Hot Tub
Marathon runner Jean-Paul stays with Elaine, but ends up with Jerry when he spots a bastard child and inadvertently harasses the mother about it.

The Soup Nazi
Kramer guards an armoire outside Elaine’s apartment until its stolen by two “toughs.” Elaine discovers the Soup Nazi’s recipe collection in the armoire Kramer replaces for Elaine, putting him out of business for good.

The Secret Code
Elaine discusses her strange obsession on the phone with Jerry, who reveals that he ditched on the Peterman dinner and stranded George.

The Pool Guy
Elaine calls George to ask Susan out to lunch and a day at The Met, starting the “collision” of George’s worlds.

The Sponge
George goes over to Elaine’s to beg for extra sponges, but is not deemed “spongeworthy.” Elaine also holds a rigorous screening process to deem whether Billy is also “spongeworthy.”

The Seven
Elaine’s neck injury worsens in her bed, thanks to Kramer’s so-called “shiatsu” treatment.

The Cadillac
Elaine speaks to George about being set up with Marisa Tomei…and is later confronted by Susan about George’s potential affair. Elaine also calls Jerry “just to talk” in the middle of the night.

The Wig Master
Upon finding out that the Nicole Miller dress she wanted is already at the Andover Shop, Elaine chops off Craig’s ponytail in his sleep, in the hopes she’ll be paid for a wig.

The Calzone
Elaine mentions that Todd walked her home, constituting that as an official date according to Jerry.

The Bottle Deposit
Jerry drops off Elaine when he discovers Kramer and Newman left their groceries under Jerry’s hood, including a muffin that was nearly sucked into his carburetor.

The Soul Mate
Elaine gets grilled by Carol, Lisa and Gail for not having a baby. Kevin, “the Bizarro Jerry,” announces to her that he had a vasectomy, which is later reversed.

The Package
Elaine gets a late night call from the American Medical Association to confirm her last name spelling, evidently in the process of being “blacklisted.”

The Chicken Roaster
Elaine discusses her tooth-brushing regimen to Jerry over the phone.

The Abstinence
Elaine quizzes Ben before his medical exam, abstaining herself from sex until he passes.

The Little Jerry
Elaine convinces Kurt he doesn’t have long to live a life with hair, prompting him to propose to Elaine.

The Comeback
Elaine is contacted by Vincent from the video store, as they begin a torrid up-and-down phone affair, until she discovers his true identity.

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