Nickname: The Wolverine State
Population: 9,986,857 (2019)
Capital: Lansing


Lansing, MICHIGAN (map)
The Seinfeld Chronicles
Jerry tells George that he met Laura at a show he did in Lansing.

Detroit, MICHIGAN (map)
The Apartment
George mentions his flat-headed friend Adam from Detroit finds that his wedding band attracts women, prompting George’s sociological experiment.

Detroit, MICHIGAN (map)
The Implant
George goes to Detroit with Betsy for Aunt Clarice’s funeral, where he is first praised (as the “go-to guy”), and then shunned (as the “double dipper”) by Betsy’s family.

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
2500 W.G. Rogell Dr., Romulus, MICHIGAN
The Implant
George presents a picture of him next to a casket (presumably and hopefully Aunt Clarice’s) to his airline to try and get a bereavement fare…which does not work.

Detroit Plaza Hotel (NOT REAL)

The Diplomat’s Club
On the whiteboard behind George in his office, a listing for “DETROIT PLAZA” is visible, next to a list of games against the Detroit Tigers.

The Bottle Deposit
Kramer mentions that Michigan offers a 10 cent bottle refund (rather than the typical 5 cents), enthralling Newman to come up with a plan to make maximum profits from bottle deposits.

USPS Second Domestic Regional Sorting Facility (NOT REAL)
The Bottle Deposit
Newman signs up to make a delivery to the Second Domestic Regional Sorting Facility in Saginaw just before Mother’s Day, using the rest of his truck for bottles.

The Merv Griffin Show
George uses a videotape of his boyhood trip to Michigan to make Celia fall asleep so they can play with her toys. The tapes reveal George’s parents changing him…when he was 7 and a half years old.


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