Location: Europe
Languages: German
Population: 83,190,556 (2020)
Capital: Berlin


Berlin Wall
Male Unbonding
Jerry and Elaine lie to Joel, claiming they are busy later in the week for choir practice of Eastern European national anthems, “you know, with the Wall being down and everything.”

Berlin Wall
The Virgin
Jerry lied to Marla to initially get out of cleaning his closet by saying he was going to Berlin after the Berlin Wall came down, thus inspiring Marla’s current boyfriend to do the same and never return. Jerry: “you must have been devastated being left for a wall.”

Berlin, GERMANY (map)
The Outing
Jerry’s response to George encouraging him to “go along” with rumours that they are a gay couple: “Let’s see you in Berlin in 1939 goose-stepping past me – come on Jerry, go along! Go along!”

The Doorman
Kramer taunts a bus of German tourists by pretending to mug George…but is later accosted by them, and tries selling them on the “Bro” concept to appease them.

The Package
When Kramer tells Newman that Bermuda is under control of the British, Newman incorrectly replies with a blunt “lucky Krauts.”

The Money
Estelle tells George that his father originally wanted to purchase a Mercedes-Benz, but that she made him buy a Cadillac instead, since she won’t ride in a German car.

In den Ministergärten, Berlin, GERMANY
The Voice
George declares his situation at Play Now to being “a weed in Hitler’s bunker,” as his office has been downgraded in the hopes he will leave. Hitler’s bunker was the site of his last stand, before his eventual suicide in April 1945.

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