Location: Africa
Languages: Swahili, English
Population: 47,564,296 (2019)
Capital: Nairobi


KENYA (map)
The Apartment
Jerry, on watching the New York marathon: “What’s to see? A woman from Norway, a guy from Kenya, 20,000 losers.”

KENYA (map)
The Shower Head
Elaine mentions her and Mr. Peterman are going to Kenya to live with the Masai bushmen of the Kalahari, and bushwomen…to knock off their great sandals.

Mombasa, KENYA (map)
The Puerto Rican Day
When smelling the wood finish in the apartment, Kramer for some reason believes it is called Mombasa.

One thought on “Kenya

  1. Jerry recalls the “Mombasa” reference in one of the DVD commentaries when discussing the hardness of the wood of the apartment doors. He said the wood must be “some kind of Mombasa.”

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