Location: North America
Languages: Spanish
Population: 126,014,024 (2020)
Capital: Mexico City


Mexico City International Airport
Peñón de Los Baños, Mexico City, MEXICO
The Diplomat’s Club
As part of their ongoing arrivals / departures bets, Kramer bets on Seattle, while Earl bets on Mexico City (Earl wins).

MEXICO (map)
The Foundation
Jerry mentions to Kramer’s surprise that Elaine has been in Mexico for six weeks (“I think you’re wrong! We just went to the fireworks the other day!”) Elaine travelled the entire country (“all on Peterman’s peso!”) and the best fashion she could come up with was the infamous Urban Sombrero.

MEXICO (map)
The Abstinence
David Letterman mentions to Jerry how his uncle and a date were driving through Mexico, and a lizard chewed his uncle’s face off.

MEXICO (map)
The Little Jerry
The gang is seen standing in front of a poster for “Mexico’s #1 Import Beer” when awaiting Little Jerry’s cockfight at Marcellino’s bodega.

MEXICO (map)
The Pothole
The China Panda owner asks Elaine where they would deliver next if they cross 86th St. for her: “Then 85th St., Wall St., Mexico, 84th St…”.


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