The Andrea Doria

810 - Andrea Doria

The Andrea Doria (season 8, episode 10)

written by Spike Feresten, directed by Andy Ackerman
original airdate: December 19, 1996

George drums up sympathy as he battles a shipwreck survivor for an available apartment in his building. Elaine dates a “bad breaker-upper.” Kramer has a bad cough that sounds exactly like a dog’s cough, so he sees a vet for the remedy. Jerry helps Newman deliver mail so he can win a transfer to Hawaii.


The Improv is not featured in this episode.

Jerry’s Apartment
Jerry and Newman enter an unholy alliance to deliver Newman’s outstanding mail, in the hopes he can score a transfer to Hawaii. George announces he’s getting a new apartment, but is forced to reveal the “Astonishing Tales of Costanza” in order to land it. Kramer comes down with a cough, but will only take dog pills to cure it.

Monk’s Café
Elaine reveals that Alan is constantly harmed by exes because he’s a bad “breaker-upper,” as revealed when he later points out Elaine’s big head. George meets with his parents to get a grasp on his insane childhood.

Newman’s Apartment
Jerry works out of Newman’s apartment, to help him deliver all of his old discarded mail on time, in the hopes of getting Newman a transfer to Hawaii.

Manhattan Mini Storage
543 W. 43rd St., New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: 42nd Street – Port Authority Bus Terminal (A,C,E)
Jerry and Kramer visit Jerry’s storage facility, which they discover that Newman has used to illegally stuff undelivered mail in.

Mr. Eldridge’s apartment
321 W. 90th St., New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: 96th Street (1,2,3)
George crushes Mr. Eldridge in a sympathy contest with the building’s tenant board, but loses the apartment to Alan, since he merely tips the superintendent $50. George implies this apartment is across the street from his existing apartment, when it is actually four blocks away. Thanks Erkan B. for the tip!

Nantucket, MASSACHUSETTS (map)
George is forced to fight for an apartment with an Andrea Doria survivor, which Kramer duly notes (after learning from his book “Astonishing Tales Of The Sea”) crashed into the SS Stockholm 12 miles off the coast of Nantucket on Jul. 25, 1956.

The Old Mill (NOT REAL)
100 W. Houston St., New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: Prince Street (R,W)
Elaine gets stood up due to Alan’s being stabbed, and later witnesses one of Alan’s ex-girlfriends burn him with hot liquid. Elaine eventually stabs Alan with a fork for remarking about a bump on her nose. The signage outside the opening scene shows the restaurant is called E&O (Eastern & Oriental), which has since closed; later exteriors of the restaurants are only sets. Thanks Erkan B. for the tip!

HAWAII (map)
Jerry helps Newman deliver overdue mail to help get him transferred to Hawaii, “the most sought after postal route of them all…the air is so dewey sweet you don’t even have to lick the stamps!”

Central Park
New York, NEW YORK
Kramer meets Smuckers the dog, who shares his cough. Elaine later gets hit in the head by a flying bird, further propelling Alan’s assessment that Elaine has a huge head.

Downtown Veterinary Clinic (NOW CLOSED)
148 Ninth Ave., New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: 23rd Street (C,E)
Kramer and Smuckers the dog visit the vet to diagnose out their shared cough (from potentially drinking in the toilet), getting dog medicine from the vet.


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