The Gum

710 - Gum

The Gum (season 7, episode 10)

written by Tom Gammill & Max Pross, directed by Andy Ackerman
original airdate: December 14, 1995

Kramer participates in the revitalization of the Alex Theatre. He encourages his friends to be sensitive to Lloyd Braun, who recently had a mental breakdown. Jerry winds up wearing glasses and buying a lot of Chinese gum just to convince Lloyd he’s not crazy. George’s “Jon Voight car” catches fire.


The Improv

Jerry’s Apartment
Jerry and George gleefully tell Elaine about Lloyd Braun’s nervous breakdown, brought down simultaneously by Mayor Dinkins’ loss and Elaine breaking up with him. Jerry, Kramer and Lloyd spend an afternoon as “three buddies, sitting around, chewing gum.”

Monk’s Café
Kramer announces his involvement with the Alex Theater, with the help of Lloyd Braun. George accuses Monk’s cashier Ruthie Cohen of stealing his $20 bill, marked with big red lips on Andrew Jackson’s face.

Alex Theater (NOT REAL)
97 Greenwich Ave., New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: 14th Street – 8th Avenue (A,C,E,L)
Kramer works to get the Alex city landmark status, using Lloyd Braun’s pull in the Mayor’s office: “built in 1922, during the golden age of movie palaces…minor restorations in 1941, 47, 52, 58, 63, and currently, to our present period of time.” Elaine “parades” around for Lloyd, and Kramer eats a silent-era hot dog to prove Lloyd isn’t crazy. One possible inspiration for this theater is the real Alex Theatre in Glendale, California, while the shot of the theater is of the former Art Greenwich Twin, built in 1932 and demolished in 2000.

CHINA (map)
Lloyd Braun tells Jerry that the gum he’s given him is from China, and that he could arrange for more if Jerry would like.

Costanza House
George goes to drop off Christmas presents while his parents are out of town, and runs into his neighbors Deena and Mr. Lazarri, who proceeds to destroy his Jon Voight LeBaron.

Central Park
New York, NEW YORK
Deena confronts George about his “problem,” trying to bring awareness to George’s “warning signs” when he catches Ruthie Cohen riding a horse through the park.

Chatham Square
1 Chatham Sq., New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: Chambers Street (J,Z)
Lloyd gives Jerry a case of $100 worth of gum from Chinatown, that’s “a little lo mein-y” for Jerry’s taste. “Notes About Nothing” from the Season 7 DVD implies they went to Chatham Square, the cornerstone of New York’s Chinatown.

The Institute For The Preservation Of Motion Picture Costumes And Wardrobes (NOT REAL)
New York, NEW YORK

Kramer visits Jeffrey Harharwood to return his glasses, also home of The Institute For The Preservation Of Motion Picture Costumes And Wardrobes (the IPMPCW, or “the Institute”). Kramer borrows his “Henry VIII” costume to promote the film, getting George (“short, stocky, man of somewhat generous proportions”) to wear it.


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