The Hamptons

521 - Hamptons

The Hamptons (season 5, episode 21)

written by Peter Mehlman & Carol Leifer, directed by Tom Cherones
original airdate: May 12, 1994

A weekend getaway to the Hamptons spins out of control when Jerry’s girlfriend sees George, a victim of “shrinkage,” naked.


Jerry’s Apartment and Monk’s Café are not featured in this episode.

The Improv

Sunrise Hwy (NY-27), Exit 69
Wading River Rd., Center Moriches, Long Island, NEW YORK
Jerry, Kramer and Elaine pass this exit on the way to the Hamptons to see Carol and Michael’s “baaaaby.”

East Hampton, Long Island, NEW YORK (map)
The gang spends the weekend with Carol and Michael, in a house built by Mark Farbman. Kramer is arrested for lobster poaching, Elaine struggles with the meaning of “breathtaking,” and George suffers from shrinkage, as he “was in the pool!”

East Hampton Station
Railroad Ave., East Hampton, Long Island, NEW YORK
Jerry goes to pick up Rachel, who took the 3:00 train to East Hampton from New York City.

To teach Jane and Rachel the basics of “shrinkage,” George wears an extra-tight t-shirt that says “My parents visited Florida and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.”

MacLeish’s Fish Market (NOT REAL)
East Hampton, Long Island, NEW YORK
Michael thinks Kramer bought the lobsters here, until he tells him he took the lobsters from a commercial lobster trap.

Suffolk County Prison (NOT REAL)
Long Island, NEW YORK
Kramer is forced to pick up garbage on the side of a road to pay off his $1000 lobster poaching fine. The closest prison on Long Island is the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office Riverhead Correctional Facility (100 Center Dr. S., Riverhead), a medium / maximum security men’s prison nearly 30 miles from East Hampton. Thanks to Sue T. for the tip!

Amagansett Farmers Market
367 Main St., Amagansett, Long Island, NEW YORK
George wants to stop at a tomato stand on the way back to New York, but gets hit in the face with one by Rachel.


2 thoughts on “The Hamptons

  1. There’s actually a prison /correctional facility in Riverhead and one in Yaphank which is likely where he would have gone and now he would have to perform community service for his crime

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