Russia (fmr. Soviet Union)



Location: Europe / Asia
Languages: Russian
Population: 146,238,185 (2021)
Capital: Moscow


The Baby Shower
Kramer refers to the cable guys as the “Sakharov of cable guys,” who “escaped the Gulag.”

Moscow Kremlin
Moscow, RUSSIA
The Implant
Jerry mentions the Kremlin in his opening monologue, commenting on how modern fitness center security is too sophisticated: “what is this, the Kremlin?”

The Marine Biologist
Elaine and Jerry discuss Pendant’s newest writing talent, Yuri Testikov, who served time in the Gulag in the former Soviet Union.

Yasnaya Polyana, Tula Oblast, RUSSIA (map)
The Marine Biologist
Mr. Lippman mentions that Tolstoy used to write in the Village Square, where the faces inspired him. However, historical records show that Tolstoy wrote the majority of his work, including “War And Peace,” in his study at his estate in Yasnaya Polyana. If Tolstoy were to write in any village square, it would have likely been in the nearby city of Tula.

Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), RUSSIA (fmr. SOVIET UNION) (map)
The Stand-In
Jerry, to Fulton, on the siege of Leningrad: “First you crack, then you chuckle! That was the motto of the Russians at the seige of Leningrad…you know, because Leningrad, when the Nazis attacked, it wasn’t a very happy time. Because of the war. Famine, plus it was cold…very cold. They were eating each other…”

The Race
Elaine tells her communist boyfriend Ned how it must be “a bummer for you guys, with the fall of the Soviet Empire and everything.”

Biosphere 3, Institute Of Biophysics
Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, RUSSIA
The Rye
Jerry mentions Kramer’s Price Club can of tuna “isn’t for a person, it’s for Biosphere 3!”

RUSSIA (map)
The Chicken Roaster
Elaine begs George to reconcile with Heather, in order to get the sable Russian hat back.

RUSSIA (map)
The Finale
Elaine suggests the gang uses NBC’s private jet to visit Russia, to which George and Jerry kaibosh because it is too bleak, even in the spring (“If you’re bleak, you’re bleak!”).


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