The Invitations

724 - Invitations

The Invitations (season 7, episode 24)

written by Larry David, directed by Andy Ackerman
original airdate: May 16, 1996

As the wedding nears, George picks the cheapest invitations in the shop. A woman just like Jerry saves his life, and he proposes marriage to her. Kramer disputes his bank over their offer of $100 if they don’t greet you with a “hello.” Janeane Garofalo guest stars.


The Improv
Jerry takes Jeannie to see his set, and proposes to her at the bar following the show.

Jerry’s Apartment
George consults with the gang to think of ways to put a stop to the wedding, resulting in him trying smoking and asking Susan to sign a pre-nup. Elaine and Kramer discover they aren’t in George’s wedding party. Jerry realizes he is in love with himself (via Jeannie), but later comes to realize his engagement may be a mistake, since he actually hates himself.

Monk’s Café
Jerry and Jeannie discover their mutual love of cereal…but then Jerry realizes he may have proposed in error, after realizing Jeannie seemingly eats only cereal.

Melody Stationers (NOW CLOSED)
1070 Madison Ave., New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: 77th Street (6)
This is the infamous store where George buys the dreaded cheap wedding invitations, which result in Susan’s untimely ultimate demise.

The stationery store clerk mentions that she would likely only have a few boxes of the invitations George picked out at a warehouse in New Jersey.

CHINA (map)
George proposes he writes Susan a letter to dump her, and then moves to China, disappearing “in a sea of people”, for 6 months to a year…but decides it can’t work because he’d lose his job.

Staten Island, NEW YORK (map)
Jerry argues to George that it’s a lot easier to blend into a sea of people on Staten Island than China, when George contemplates escaping there to avoid Susan. He eventually decides that can’t work, because he wouldn’t be able to take his clothes with him.

Westchester, NEW YORK (map)
Jerry is depressed about George’s wedding, as he figures Susan will later get pregnant, and they’ll both move to Westchester and away from him forever.

Yankee Stadium
In a deleted scene, Elaine tells George she won’t attend his wedding as she is dateless and not in the bridal party, but is interrupted by Mr. Steinbrenner, who forces himself on Elaine as her date, warning George that if she does not go with him, then George will be fired from the Yankees.

New York, NEW YORK

In a deleted scene, Elaine and Mr. Steinbrenner go for dinner, where Steinbrenner starts off on a usual rant, before switching seats with Elaine…where she proceeds to “turn” into Steinbrenner, hopelessly ranting on and on.

O’Hare International Airport
10000 W. O’Hare Ave., Chicago, ILLINOIS
In a deleted scene, Elaine, now talking like Mr. Steinbrenner, she recalls a long-winded story where she once walked through the Chicago airport without shoes after losing them on a plane, and never felt more comfortable doing so.

George’s Apartment
George tries smoking to drive Susan away, after Susan kaiboshes Kramer and Elaine from the wedding party. George later tries getting Susan to sign a pre-nup to drive her away…but Susan simply laughs and signs, since she has more money. Susan eventually dies as a result of licking all the toxic wedding envelopes, after which George calls Marisa Tomei for a date, as Susan is now no longer a concern.

Home Federal Savings Bank (NOT REAL)
New York, NEW YORK

Kramer starts a conundrum when he isn’t greeted with a “hello,” but rather a “hey,” which is supposed to guarantee him a $100 reward. Kramer eventually gets $20 from the bank, since he got a greeting starting with an “H.”

Central Park
New York, NEW YORK
Jerry and Jeannie are seen gleefully stepping over a homeless man in the park.

Santa Monica Pier
200 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CALIFORNIA
Jerry is filmed pondering his life and his loves at the Pier, similar to George in the past.

New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center (now New York-Presbyterian / Weill Cornell Medical Center)
525 E. 68th St.., New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: 68th Street – Hunter College (6)
George is informed of Susan’s death, prompting his reaction of “repressed jubilation.” The awning in the establishing shot says 685 E. 25th St., however, it is implied to be same hospital as “The Summer Of George,” which shows the true correct address.


One thought on “The Invitations

  1. Jerry doesn’t regret asking Jeannie to marry him because she only eats cereal – he realises she is exactly like himself… and he HATES himself!

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