Nickname: The Prairie State
Population: 12,671,821 (2019)
Capital: Springfield


Chicago, ILLINOIS (map)
The Busboy
Jerry mentions Chicago in his mid-episode monologue, joking how airlines should just use cannons to shoot commuters to their destination.

O’Hare International Airport
10000 W. O’Hare Ave., Chicago, ILLINOIS
The Dog
Jerry’s flight makes an emergency landing in Chicago to get Mr. Polone to a hospital, prompting him to ask Jerry to watch his dog Farfel while he is hospitalized.

Chicago, ILLINOIS (map)
The Parking Garage
Jerry mentions how his mother still reminded him, as an adult, to remember his jacket on a flight to Chicago.

Chicago, ILLINOIS (map)
The Limo
Jerry comes to the airport from Chicago, where he saw that an irate O’Brien was kicked off an overbooked flight.

Chicago, ILLINOIS (map)
The Trip
A poster for Chicago is visible behind Jerry and George in the security lineup at the airport.

Chicago, ILLINOIS (map)
The Contest
Estelle mentions that Frank is in Chicago, and thus George is lucky that Frank did not see George’s “spectacle” that landed her in the hospital.

Chicago, ILLINOIS (map)
The Handicap Spot
Jerry believes Drake and Drakette are running a scam to get wedding presents:
Jerry: “Maybe they’re on their way to Chicago tomorrow, do the whole thing over again!”
Elaine: “They don’t know anybody in Chicago.”
Jerry: “Don’t worry, they’ll make friends fast with that nice TV!”

Chicago, ILLINOIS (map)
The Pie
Elaine mentions her friend wrote her to tell her she saw the same Elaine-like mannequin in Chicago, wondering out loud “what if there are more?”

O’Hare International Airport
10000 W. O’Hare Ave., Chicago, ILLINOIS
The Invitations
In a deleted scene, Elaine, now talking like Mr. Steinbrenner, she recalls a long-winded story where she once walked through the Chicago airport without shoes after losing them on a plane, and never felt more comfortable doing so.


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