The Sniffing Accountant

504 – Sniffing Accountant

The Sniffing Accountant (season 5, episode 4)

written by Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld, directed by Tom Cherones
original airdate: October 7, 1993

Jerry thinks his accountant is a drug addict. Jerry, Kramer and Newman plot a stakeout. George plans another career change: bra salesman.


The Improv

Jerry’s Apartment
Jerry, Kramer and Newman strategize how to handle their supposedly drug-addicted accountant, planning a stakeout. They also draft a cease and desist letter, but come to realize that Jerry’s mohair sweater was the cause of the sniffing.

Monk’s Café
Jerry and Kramer grow suspicious after meeting with their accountant, Barry Prophet, after seeing him sniffing constantly when he meets them at Monk’s.

Costanza House
Frank sets up a job interview for George for a bra salesman, later testing George on cup sizes by using Estelle’s bra at the dinner table.

Elaine’s Apartment
Elaine and Jake Jarmel have a fight over their differences regarding exclamation points, after Jake fails to “capture the moment” of an exciting phone message for Elaine.

Jerry and Kramer discover their accountant took off to South America on a “business trip,” potentially with their money, thus having Jerry impune the entire continent by claiming that people that go there “come back with things taped to their large intestine!”

stakeout location
61 Irving Pl., New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: 14th Street – Union Square (N,Q,R)
Where Jerry and Newman stake out Barry, the sniffing accountant, passing time by discussing the benefits and drawbacks of dental tape. This location is just up the street from Pete’s, the bar where Kramer meets with Barry face-to-face.

Pete’s Tavern
129 E. 18th St., New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: 14th Street – Union Square (N,Q,R)
Kramer stakes out Barry, chugging a beer with a cigarette in his mouth in order to “blend in;” Kramer only gets a photo of Barry on the toilet, which he uses later to try to shame him.

E.D. Granmont (NOT REAL)
Seventh Ave. between W. 34th and W. 39th Sts., New York, NEW YORK

Where George has his interview with E.D. Granmont, and initially gets the job, but then loses it for feeling Ms. De Granmont’s shirt material while waiting for an elevator. The same company is featured in “The Doorman,” but shown to be in the Commerce Building at 708 Third Ave.

Pendant Publishing
Elaine gets in trouble from Mr. Lippman for putting in too many exclamation points in Jake Jarmel’s manuscript.


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