The Yada Yada

819 - Yada Yada

The Yada Yada (season 8, episode 19)

written by Peter Mehlman and Jill Franklyn, directed by Andy Ackerman
original airdate: April 24, 1997

George’s girlfriend uses the phrase “yada yada” instead of completing her sentences. Dr. Tim Whatley infuriates Jerry when he converts to Judaism for the jokes. Kramer and Mickey go on a double date. Elaine botches the chances of her friends adopting a baby. Debra Messing, Robert Wagner and Jill St. John guest star.


The Improv is not featured in this episode.

Jerry’s Apartment
Jerry reveals his suspicion regarding Whatley’s conversion, causing Kramer to chide Jerry for being a “rabid anti-dentite.” Kramer and Mickey fight over who to date when they pick up two women, and Mickey eventually proposes to one, just as Beth Lookner announces her second divorce, due to Elaine getting their adoption rejected.

Monk’s Café
Tim Whatley announces to the gang that he’s Jewish, but Jerry is suspicious that he is angling for complete joke immunity. George’s new girlfriend repeatedly says “yada yada,” which he discovers entails a lot of major details. Elaine is berated by Beth Lookner’s new husband for wrecking their chances at adopting.

health club
New York, NEW YORK

The newly-Jewish Tim Whatley jokes that he just came from a “Jewish workout” of sitting in the sauna, sparking Jerry’s suspicion of his true conversion intentions.

Gap (now Banana Republic)
2373 Broadway, New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: 86th Street (1)
Kramer mentions how he and Mickey picked up two women at the Gap, without deciding who would date who. The closest Gap to Kramer’s Apartment was at this location.

1000 Third Ave., New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: Lexington Avenue – 59th Street (N,Q,R)
Marcy reveals she stole a Piaget watch, and then got a massage and facial on the 5th floor, and skipped out on the bill: “I was on Third Ave., minding my own business, and yada yada yada, I got a free massage and a facial.”

Bruno (now Club A Steakhouse)
240 E. 58th St., New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: 59th Street (4,5,6)
Kramer and Mickey take out Karen and Julie on a double-date, and struggle to break off with an individual girl. Kramer and Mickey return for a second date, fighting their way to the table who sits with which woman.

adoption agency
New York, NEW YORK

Elaine wrecks Beth and Arnie’s chance to adopt a baby, implying that Arnie has rage issues and a violent temper.

Manhattan East Dental Plaza
225 E. 64th St., New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: Lexington Avenue – 63rd Street (F)
Jerry visits the newly-Jewish Dr. Whatley, who defends his repeated use of Jewish jokes so quickly into his conversion. This is the same location as the “Manhattan East Medical Offices” from “The Fusilli Jerry,” but the building name and address were altered.

POLAND (map)
Jerry believes if Dr. Whatley, now a convert to Judaism, also gets Polish citizenship, “there’ll be no stopping him!” joke-wise.

Seattle, WASHINGTON (map)
Marcy mentions to George how her ex-boyfriend came over before moving to Seattle, and yada yada yada, she’s really tired.

Saint Luke’s Lutheran Church
308 W. 46th St., New York, NEW YORK
nearest subway: 49th Street (N,Q,R)
Jerry visits with Father Curtis in regards to Tim Whatley’s Jewish jokes, and later goes to Mickey and Karen’s wedding with Beth Lookner…while Elaine is stuck with Brian, the adoption guy.

Karen’s apartment
New York, NEW YORK

Kramer goes to visit Karen, and discovers that both of her parents are little people.

When Kramer rants about how dentists came to America with a dream, Jerry responds that Tim Whatley is from New Jersey.


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