Location: North America
Languages: English
Population: 64,055 (2021)
Capital: Hamilton


The Chinese Restaurant
Jerry, to George and Elaine on his family’s calling chain set-up: “New York, Long Island, Florida…it’s like the Bermuda Triangle.”

The Café
Jerry notes in his monologue how there is always that one neighborhood store that constantly changes owners and businesses, like a “Bermuda Triangle of retail.”

The Package
Newman and Kramer, on Bermuda and the Bermuda Triangle:
K: “Well, I really miss the Bermuda Triangle.”
N: “I guess there’s not much action down there these days.”
K: “Oh, there’s action. There’s plenty of action. That damned alien autopsy is stealing all the headlines.”
N: “Yeah, tell me about it.”
K: “See, what they gotta do is lose a plane or a Greenpeace boat in there. See, that would get the triangle going again.”
N: “What keeps the water in there? I mean, why doesn’t it disappear?”
K: “What would be the point in taking the water?
N: “It’s gorgeous water…do we own Bermuda?”
K: “No, it belongs to the British.”
N: “Lucky Krauts.”
K: “So, what do you think about that alien autopsy?”
N: “Oh, that’s real.”
K: “I think so too.”


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