Location: North America
Languages: English, French
Population: 38,414,222 (2021)
Capital: Ottawa


CANADA (map)
The Opposite
Elaine reveals she is being evicted from her apartment for a myriad of reasons, including using Canadian quarters in the laundry machine.

Newfoundland And Labrador, CANADA (map)
The Couch
Poppie mentions his ducks are flown in from Newfoundland…”they got good ducks there!”

CANADA (map)
The Label Maker
Jerry mentions Kramer did not want his Super Bowl ticket because he’s only interested in Canadian football.

CANADA (map)
The Hot Tub
A large Canadian flag is clearly seen amongst the crowd at the start of the New York Marathon. Kramer is also shown to have a poster in his apartment from the Canadian National Railway, reading “Snow Time is Playtime in Canada.”

Montreal, Quebec, CANADA (map)
The Calzone
Todd Gack mentions he’s going to Montreal, and offers to buy Jerry authentic Cuban cigars for George’s wedding present, which end up being knockoff cigars from Peru.

CANADA (map)
The Comeback
When seeing George beaming over his second chance to use his “jerk store” comeback, Jerry thinks its because George was able to get someone to take his Canadian quarter.

Parliament Of Canada
Parliament Hill, 111 Wellington St., Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
The Blood
Kramer wants to watch a sausage-making film with Newman at Jerry’s apartment, as he’s taping Canadian parliament on C-SPAN at his apartment.


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