George’s Apartment #2

George's Apartment 2

W. 86th St., NEW YORK, NEW YORK (map)

George’s apartment from the end of Season Five (once he begins working for the New York Yankees) until the end of the series, which he shares with his fiancé Susan during Season Seven. Although George says the apartment is on 86th St., multiple episodes feature an establishing shot of the awning 114 W. 16th St. as George’s apartment (70 blocks south of his supposed location), while others feature the exterior of George’s first apartment at 321 W. 90th St.; both exteriors were once even shown in the same episode!


The Opposite
George reveals thanks to his new job, he’s going to buy an apartment on W. 86th St. he’s been looking at and move out of his parents’ house.

The Couch
George tries reading “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” for his book club, but ends up reading the sports section, watching TV and reading “Cracked” magazine instead.

The Doorman
George and Kramer discover Frank has breasts (“these were real hooters!”), leading to the creation of the “Bro” / “Man-siere,” and George catching Kramer and Frank cha-chaing in his apartment, bra and all.

The Fusilli Jerry
George finally masters “the move” on Nancy…but only by using crib notes. George on his “cheating”: “you know its not the SATs!”

The Engagement
George dumps Alice for beating him at a game of chess.

The Postponement
Susan breaks down when George first wants to postpone the wedding, but George later breaks down and Susan accepts: “No, no, still marry, still marry! Still love, still love!”

The Secret Code
Susan grills George for his secret ATM code, later mocking him when she discovers it’s “Bosco.”

The Pool Guy
George’s “worlds collide” when Elaine invites Susan to a museum, wanting to be girlfriends with her separate from the gang.

The Sponge
George fails to “beat the clock,” as he is unable to open a condom wrapper in order to have make-up sex with Susan in absence of the sponge. An incorrect establishing shot in the episode shows the outside awning of George’s first apartment on W. 90th St.

The Cadillac
George dreams of living with Marisa Tomei in his apartment, before they meet, she discovers he’s married, and punches him in the face. George is once again punched out, this time by Susan, for seeing another woman and lying about the Art Vandelay importing / exporting story.

The Doll
Susan moves in her doll collection, including one that looks shockingly like Estelle.

The Friars Club
George invites Jerry and Hallie to dinner at their apartment, but Jerry refuses since he’s “soured” on Hallie. George: “you have to sweeten!”

The Wig Master
The “wig master,” Ethan, stays at George and Susan’s apartment for two weeks while in town with the Broadway production of “Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

The Wait Out
After much soul-searching and thought about the wedding…Susan tells George that she’s decided she wants to go with the chicken.

The Invitations
George tries smoking to drive Susan away, after Susan kaiboshes Kramer and Elaine from the wedding party. George later tries getting Susan to sign a pre-nup to drive her away…but Susan simply laughs and signs, since she has more money. Susan eventually dies as a result of licking all the toxic wedding envelopes, after which George calls Marisa Tomei for a date, as Susan is now no longer a concern.

The Foundation
The Rosses find George eating a solid block of cheese in his underwear, celebrating his bachelor status, and tell him they are establishing the Susan Ross Foundation with George on the board of directors.

The Bizarro Jerry
George struggles to dress “properly” for Amanda, and later accidentally burns Gillian’s picture with his hairdryer, forcing him to resort to magazine cutouts of “Susan.”

The Checks
George hires the cleaners / religious cult Sunshine Carpet Cleaners to clean his carpets, and is offended when he is not “invited” to join them.

The Abstinence
George discovers his girlfriend Louise has mono (“nucleosis?”), and in turn becomes something of a genius when forced to abstain from sex.

The Little Jerry
Kurt visits George to solve his balding problem…and they are interrupted by Celia, who just decided to do the “break-out pop-in” with George. Kurt is later arrested at George’s apartment for aiding and abetting a fugitive, along with Celia, as the police think he is George, as they are both bald.

The Susie
Allison tries dumping George, who tries delaying the break-up until the ball. George uses his infamous Greatest American Hero “Believe It Or Not” answering machine voicemail to avoid her.

The English Patient
George rushes home from a free invitation to sleep with a beautiful woman, in the hopes he can be home to receive a call from his doppelganger who has been with said woman already.

The Muffin Tops
George “moves” into his place again to fool Mary Anne, who thinks he’s being ripped off on rent and that the place smells like the last tenant had monkeys.

The Summer Of George
George spends an extra-elongated “decompressing” period for the Summer of George, even buying a new recliner with a built-in fridge. He “decompresses” so far though, that his body is severely atrophied, and he needs to undergo physical therapy after falling down the stairs (thanks to the invitations).

The Junk Mail
George makes his weekly call to his parents, only to learn he’s being ignored by them.

The Merv Griffin Show
George ends up taking the squirrel he hit with his car home with him, sleeping on the couch while the squirrel gets his bed.

The Reverse Peephole
George accidentally has Joe Mayo’s massage chair delivered to him, but decides to keep it (and not tell the gang) after realizing how much it helps his back.

The Strongbox
George has difficulty dumping Maura, and later Loretta, who he ends up dating simultaneously, with both women knowing about the other.

The Finale
In a deleted scene, Jerry asks George in the cab back from NBC what he’ll be doing with his apartment now that they will be moving to California.


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