Location: Asia
Languages: Japanese
Population: 125,480,000 (2021)
Capital: Tokyo


JAPAN (map)
The Calzone
Jerry proclaims his new girlfriend’s power to make her like “a beautiful Godzilla,” to which George adds “without thousands of fleeing Japanese.”

JAPAN (map)
The Checks
Jerry gets tons of tiny royalty checks for his one-second appearance on the Super Terriffic Happy Hour. Kramer befriends three Japanese tourists, Mr. Oh, Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Yamaguchi, who Kramer “houses” in his drawers in his apartment. Kramer and George try and convince Jerry to pitch the pilot to Japanese TV. And according to Kramer, oranges are rare in Japan (“you’ve forgotten what its like to have no oranges.”)

Tokyo, JAPAN (map)
The Checks
Kramer mentions that hotels in Tokyo all have stacked beds, and thus his guests sleeping in his drawers “feel right at home!”

JAPAN (map)
The Chicken Roaster
Jerry tells Seth he almost had his own show in Japan, but is puzzled when asked by Seth as to what language the show would have been broadcast in.

JAPAN (map)
The Susie
When George asks the gang how much he could theoretically make as a gigolo, Elaine asks whether in America or Japan, as the Japanese are more enlightened, and “can see beyond the physical.”

JAPAN (map)
The Finale
Kramer suggests the gang use NBC’s plane to visit here, so they can all be catered to by geishas.


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