Newman’s Apartment

Newman's Apartment

129 W. 81st St., Apt. 5E, NEW YORK, NEW YORK (map)

Newman’s apartment for the entire series, down the hall from Jerry and Kramer in the “east wing” of the fifth floor.
nearest subway: 81st Street – Museum Of Natural History (B,C)


The Pilot
Newman is shown sleeping on his couch, with a baseball game on in the background instead of the “Jerry” pilot.

The Big Salad
Jerry makes his first visit to “the east wing,” to grill Newman about his past relationship with Jerry’s new girlfriend Margaret.

The Switch
Allowing Jerry into the apartment to borrow a tennis racquet, Kramer and Jerry walk in on an unsuspecting Newman and Babs getting passionate…upon where Newman finally learns of Kramer’s now-revealed first name.

The Doodle
Jerry investigates Newman as the potential source of his fleas, after discovering discarded Chunky wrappers in his sofa.

The Diplomat’s Club
Kramer calls “his bank” to get Newman to bring collateral for his gambling with Earl – the mailbag of David Berkowitz, the notorious “Son Of Sam.”

The Engagement
Elaine and Kramer visit Newman to inquire about his “services” in helping remove the noisy dog across from Elaine’s building.

The Seven
Elaine and Kramer visit Newman’s apartment for an impartial mediator to decide who owns the bicycle…and he goes the King Solomon route instead, deeming that the bike be cut in half.

The Shower Head
Kramer discovers that Newman too does not have good water pressure: “This stuff is awful! I’m not Newman!”

The Wig Master
Jerry asks Kramer why he didn’t stay at Newman’s, which Kramer replies that he has a girl staying with him, and that his quilt is too thin for him anyways.

The Calzone
George hires Newman to deliver Mr. Steinbrenner’s calzones on his behalf, but is later left scrambling when Newman does not go to work because it is raining.

The Bottle Deposit
Newman, upon looking at a picture of his mother, realizes he has access to a free mail truck to Michigan.

The Soul Mate
Kramer consults Newman about getting Pam in Newman’s apartment…and Newman spills his heart out for Elaine. Jerry later chases Newman through the building to get info on what he knows about Pam and Kramer.

The Andrea Doria
Jerry works out of Newman’s apartment, to help him deliver all of his old discarded mail on time, in the hopes of getting Newman a transfer to Hawaii.

The Van Buren Boys
Kramer starts to tell a story about dropping cold cuts into his foot bath, but after disgusting Jerry and Elaine, reveals he bought the stories from Newman for $8, thus the foot bath incident happened on Newman’s couch.

The Millennium
Kramer chides Newman for holding a competing millennium New Year’s Eve party, and they agree to host the party together…on the condition that Jerry is not invited.

The Blood
Due to Jerry’s paranoia about his blood, Kramer tells him that he is keeping his blood in Newman’s meat freezer.

The Betrayal
Kramer and Newman argue in Newman’s apartment over Newman spending Kramer’s birthday wish on a new girlfriend.

The Reverse Peephole
Newman reverses his peephole along with Kramer, but due to the super’s dislike of him, evicts him before Kramer steps in.

The Finale
Newman is seen gleefully leaving his apartment for the gang’s trial in Massachusetts.


2 thoughts on “Newman’s Apartment

    • Yes there were many inconsistencies – in The Engagement for example Newman is in 5E, and at times he changes apartments (east wing vs. west wing, etc.), but this is the most consistent version for Newman, as Phil’s episode was the tenth last episode of the series. Thanks for visiting!

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