Nickname: The Keystone State
Population: 12,802,503 (2015)
Capital: Harrisburg


Pocono Mountains, PENNSYLVANIA (map)
The Apartment
George argues that he’s a bigger idiot than Jerry for going on a singles weekend in the Poconos.

The Note
Jerry inappropriately brings up a story about a child kidnapped in Pennsylvania to his physical therapist, sending her into a panic and essentially banning Jerry from her practice.

Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA (map)
The Letter
Kramer heckles Yankees third baseman Charlie Hayes by yelling “you better catch it here Charlie, because this ain’t Philadelphia!”

Gettysburg, PENNSYLVANIA (map)
The Pitch/Ticket
Jerry and George are told by another comic about Gettysburg as a tourist spot, starting a conversation by George about toilet paper during the Civil War.

Philadelphia International Airport
8800 Essington Ave., Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
The Opera
Susan makes it to the opera at the last minute, telling George she didn’t have to pick up her friend at the airport because her plane had to land in Philadelphia.

Pocono Mountains, PENNSYLVANIA (map)
The Junior Mint
Jerry, “the boyfriend,” tries to kaibosh Elaine’s date with Roy by claiming they are visiting here soon. Elaine, “the girlfriend,” later tries to kaibosh her plans with Roy in favor of the fake Poconos trip, to which Jerry claims he’ll “think about it.”

Camp Tioga
1635 State Rd. 2036, Thompson, PENNSYLVANIA
The Pilot
Wilton Marshall recognizes a wigged Elaine at the “Jerry” taping, after not having seen her since going to camp with her here in 1978.

Pittsburgh International Airport
1000 Airport Blvd., Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
The Diplomat’s Club
Earl bets Kramer that Flight 902 to Pittsburgh will depart before his flight, Flight 44, departs to Houston.

Philadelphia International Airport
8800 Essington Ave., Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
The Diplomat’s Club
Philadelphia is one of the airports shown on the flight board during Kramer and Earl’s “competition.”

Camp Tioga
1635 State Rd. 2036, Thompson, PENNSYLVANIA
The Cadillac
When Mrs. Choate says she recognizes Jerry, he asks “did you ever go to Camp Tioga?”

Reading, PENNSYLVANIA (map)
The Blood
George tries covering for Elaine to Vivian by saying she’s moving to live with her grandparents in Reading…yet Vivian knows right away that they died five years earlier.

Pennsylvania Dutch Country
The Frogger
Lisi surprises Jerry with a trip here, only because Jerry slept with her out of fear of “The Lopper.” Dutch Country is based in the cities of York, Lancaster, Hershey, Reading and Allentown.


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