South Korea



Location: Asia
Languages: Korean
Population: 51,705,905 (2021)
Capital: Seoul


The Jacket
Alton Benes talks of a funny tailgunner he knew from his time served in Korea, who “blew his brains out all over the Pacific – there’s nothing funny about that.”

The Note
When being massaged by a man, George can only muster a response of “hamstring…Korea…what?…hamstring…hotel” when asked about the cause of his pain.

Jamsil Indoor Swimming Pool
10 Jamsil-dong, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Olympic Moments & Facts
In an “Olympic Moment,” Jerry discusses the excitement of Greg Louganis’ gold-medal, concussion-inducing diving performance at the 1988 Olympics, which he brands as “the Louganis half-gainer no-brainer.”

The Understudy
We learn that Frank sold religious memorabilia made in Korea, speaks fluent Korean, had an affair with a Korean woman (which he briefly rekindles back in New York), and once met the Reverend Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church.

Incheon, SOUTH KOREA (map)
The Fatigues
Frank reveals that he was a cook for the US Army (slinging hash for the Fighting 103rd) during the Korean War (“Shell shocked?” “Oh yeah…but that has nothing to do with it.”). One night in 1950, Frank sent 16 of his own men to the latrines due to undercooked meat, including Bobby Colby, who “they had to sit him on a cork for the 18-hour flight home!”

The Finale
Estelle mentions that Frank may be the reason for George ending up in prison, as he was never around for George, always in Korea with his religious tchotchkes.

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