The Improv

The Improv

THE IMPROV (now closed)
358 W. 44th St., NEW YORK, NEW YORK (map)

The introductory site for nearly every Seinfeld episode from Seasons 1-7, where Jerry would open and close the show with stand-up material relating to the events of the focal episode. The club has since closed, but the building now hosts the Producers Club Theater, the starting point for Kenny Kramer’s famed “Kramer Reality Tour.”
nearest subway: 42nd Street – Port Authority Bus Terminal (A,C,E)


The Improv does NOT appear in the following episodes: “The Highlights Of 100,” “The Engagement,” “The Postponement” and “The Rye,” and starting with “The Foundation,” does not appear at all in Season 8, and only in “The Finale” in Season 9.

The Seinfeld Chronicles
The Improv’s first appearance of the series. Jerry does his set at not only the episode’s open and close, but peppered throughout the episode as well, a format the show moved away from following the pilot episode.

The Red Dot
The first time The Improv is integrated into an episode’s plot, as Elaine’s boyfriend Dick, now back on the wagon as an alcoholic, interrupts Jerry’s set, drunk and belligerent.

The Pitch / Ticket
Jerry and George seen at the bar following one of Jerry’s sets, when Jerry is approached by NBC about discussing a pilot.

The Virgin
Jerry and George meet Marla and Stacy at the bar, while they argue over coming up with a decent script storyline for the pilot.

The Movie
Jerry’s timeslot gets bumped, and he then misses the slot altogether at 11:00, where he is replaced again by Pat Buckles. In a deleted scene, Buckles is later shown doing his terrible set about historical figures being stuck in traffic.

The Fire
Elaine’s coworker Toby boos and hisses Jerry off the stage…and George later evacuates it when he thinks comic Ronnie Kay pulls a gun on the wait staff. George dates Robin, a waitress at the comedy club, until his reaction at her son’s birthday party to a minor grease fire quickly ends the relationship.

The Understudy
The Improv is not featured for any stand-up material, but the softball team Jerry and George play for is The Improv’s team.

The Invitations
Jerry takes Jeannie to see his set, and proposes to her at the bar following the show.

The Finale
The Improv’s final appearance of the series. Jerry opens the episode for the first time in two seasons with stand-up material.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Improv makes an appearance on the reunion episode, with Jerry opening the show doing stand-up.


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