Nickname: The Evergreen State
Population: 7,614,893 (2019)
Capital: Olympia


Yakima, WASHINGTON (map)
The Busboy
Jerry guesses that Elaine’s new boyfriend is from Yakima.

Seattle, WASHINGTON (map)
The Busboy
Elaine hosts her boyfriend Ed from Seattle, but desperately tries getting rid of him. Jerry claims that Seattle is “the pesto of cities.”

SeaTac Plaza Hotel (NOT REAL)

The Diplomat’s Club
On the whiteboard behind George in his office, a listing for “SEATAC PLAZA HOTEL” is visible, next to a list of games against the Seattle Mariners.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
17801 International Blvd., Seattle, WASHINGTON
The Diplomat’s Club
As part of their ongoing arrivals / departures bets, Kramer bets on Seattle, while Earl bets on Mexico City (Earl wins).

Seattle, WASHINGTON (map)
The Yada Yada
Marcy mentions to George how her ex-boyfriend came over before moving to Seattle, and yada yada yada, she’s really tired.

Pacific Northwest
The Reverse Peephole
Newman tells Kramer that he learned to climb trees (like “a ring-tailed lemur,” according to Kramer) in the Pacific Northwest. The American side of the Pacific Northwest is traditionally understood to be Washington and Oregon.


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