Pendant Publishing

Pendant Publishing

600 Madison Ave., New York, New York (map)

Home of Pendant Publishing, where Elaine works reading manuscripts from Seasons Two through Five. Also George’s employer for one episode in Season Three.
nearest subway: 5th Avenue – 59th Street (N,Q,R)


The Jacket
Elaine tells her father that she is now working reading manuscripts for Pendant.

The Statue
Elaine and Rava prepare to meet Mr. Lippman, but due to Rava’s disbelief of coincidences, the deal falls apart.

The Library
Elaine fears for her job after she is not invited to order lunch, and when Mr. Lippman rejects her manuscript.

The Stranded
Elaine tells a partygoer that she is working at Pendant, when Jerry intervenes with “Pendant…those bastards!”

The Red Dot
Jerry accidentally gets Elaine’s boyfriend Dick back on the wagon (or off the wagon?), and Elaine gets George a job. George later gets fired from said job after sleeping with the cleaning woman on the desk in his office.

The Letter
Elaine desperately tries getting the Sunday Sports section away from Mr. Lippman, to avoid being seen on the cover of the sports page, and caught lying about her trip to Maryland.

The Cheever Letters
Elaine confronts her assistant Sandra about chatting too much with Jerry, making her quit almost immediately.

The Pick
Elaine is tortured at the office, being nicknamed “Nips” at work, her sister Gail screaming at her over the phone, and Fred eventually dumping her, all over her nipple showing in her Christmas card.

The Pilot
Russell mentions to the other two Greenpeace activists that Elaine works at Pendant. When Russell “dies,” one of the activists (played by Larry David with an accent) promises that he’ll “write to her…I’ll tell her all about you, and what you did out here!”

The Mango
Elaine asks a fellow coworker if she’s ever faked “it.”

The Sniffing Accountant
Elaine gets in trouble from Mr. Lippman for putting in too many exclamation points in Jake Jarmel’s manuscript.

The Lip Reader
Renee convinces Elaine to take a car service, where she is forced to act like she is deaf to avoid conversation with the driver.

The Non-Fat Yogurt
Estelle tells Lloyd that Elaine works at Pendant, so Lloyd can track her down and ask her on a date.

The Masseuse
Elaine tells her coworkers that her boyfriend’s name is Joel Rifkin, leading to jokes and cracks at Joel (the boyfriend’s) expense about the other Joel Rifkin.

The Cigar Store Indian
Kramer sells the Indian to Mr. Lippman, and pitches the coffee table book idea to him. Lippman tells Elaine she should come up with ideas like Kramer’s, asking “what the hell do you do around here all day anyway?”

The Pie
Jerry drops off Elaine (and the lookalike mannequin) at her office after their trip to Rinitze, on Jerry’s way to Poppie’s.

The Raincoats
Aaron picks up Elaine from work to go to My Fair Lady…with Helen and Morty. Morty mentions that Harry Fleming used to have an office in the building…and a deli on the first floor (“you don’t get corned beef like that anymore”).

The Fire
Where Jerry boos, hisses and heckles Toby out of the building, where she runs into oncoming traffic and loses her pinky toe.

The Opposite
Elaine gets promoted due to Pendant’s takeover by Matsushimi, a Japanese conglomerate. However, Elaine is later released, as the company is collapsed after Elaine fails to tell Lippman he forgot his handkerchief (thanks to a mouthful of Jujyfruits), setting off a chain reaction that spelled the end of Pendant Publishing (and Kramer’s coffee table book). As a result, Elaine “becomes” George, unemployed and defeated.

The Hot Tub
Elaine mentions she met Jean-Paul while editing a book on running while at Pendant.

Pines Of Mar Gables

Pines Of Mar Gables


First home of Jerry’s parents, Morty and Helen, in a retirement community in Florida, from Seasons One through Seven. Not a real location, but based on Florida retirement communities like Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, etc.


The Pony Remark
Jerry mentions in his opening monologue that his parents live in Florida, not because they want to, but because “they’re in their sixties, and that’s the law.” Morty and Helen fly in from Pines Of Mar Gables to visit Manya. Morty: “she made me fly all the way from Florida for this, then she criticizes my jacket.”

The Statue
Jerry mentions he was going to send his grandfather’s things to his parents in Florida, but they didn’t want it. Jerry later tells Rava his mother is in Florida, when she tells how her mother abandoned her family as a child.

The Chinese Restaurant
Jerry mentions that his aunt will call his mother in Florida, upon realizing Jerry didn’t say hello to a mutual friend he didn’t recognize.

The Pen
The site of the entire episode. Jerry and Elaine stay with Morty and Helen, experiencing overheating, upside-down space pens, foldout bed bars, chiropractors and dinner checks for $19.45. Jerry also mentions his parents in his opening monologue, noting how old people do not wear bathing suits, they wear “trunks.”

The Outing
Jerry’s parents discover the article claiming he and George are a couple, and Morty blames Helen for his supposed sexuality: “it was those damn culottes you made him wear when he was 5!”

The Pilot
Jerry’s parents are seen watching the pilot at home, with Helen once again asking “how could anybody not like him?”

The Wife
Jerry’s parents call when they hear from Uncle Leo that Jerry got fake-married.

The Raincoats
Morty calls Jack Klompus to have him courier his raincoats overnight. The Seinfeld’s condo is later robbed upon their return, since Jack never fixed the broken window to their garage he had to break to get inside.

The Secretary
Jerry mentions to Willy that his mother keeps her fur coat in his apartment for when she visits from Florida.

The Kiss Hello
Morty calculates that Uncle Leo owes Helen $663.45, with 5% interest compounded quarterly from track winnings he was given by their father as a child.

The Doodle
Elaine uses Jerry’s parents address as her own in her interview with Viking Press, in order to get a free stay at the Plaza Hotel.

The Cadillac
Jerry surprises his parents by giving his father a Cadillac, which ultimately leads to Morty’s downfall and impeachment as condo board President due to a fraud scandal, forcing Morty and Helen to leave the complex for Del Boca Vista.

The Money
Jerry flies back to Florida to buy his car back from Jack Klompus. Jerry later maxes out his credit cards by cleaning up the car (after Jack drives it into a swamp), and ends up sleeping in it, since Jack won’t let him stay in his condo.

The Wizard
Helen mentions that Morty can’t run for condo president in Del Boca Vista, as he was impeached once before…to which Morty says he in fact only “resigned.”