Location: North America
Languages: Spanish
Population: 11,193,470 (2019)
Capital: Havana


CUBA (map)
The Race
While lamenting the fall of the Soviet Union, Elaine’s boyfriend Ned mentions “we still got China, Cuba…but its not the same.” Steinbrenner also asks George to head down to Cuba to check out a pitcher…”something Rodriguez,” and also to bring back cigars.

Havana, CUBA (map)
The Race
George visits with El Presidente personally (as he is “muay sympatico” to Communism), Fidel Castro…who turns out to be a lot like George Steinbrenner: “there will be girls there, and I hear some good food…of course, the problem with parties is, you invariably have to eat standing up… once when I was at a party, I put my plate on someone’s piano. I assure you, if I had not been a dictator, I would not have been able to get away with that one.”

CUBA (map)
The Calzone
Nicki tells Jerry he should expect his cigars he received from Todd Gack to be from Cuba if that’s what he paid for.

Bahia de Cochinos, CUBA (map)
The Bottle Deposit
Elaine bids on John F. Kennedy’s clubs he played with the morning of the Bay Of Pigs (Bahia de Cochinos) invasion in 1961.

CUBA (map)
The English Patient
Kramer requests he has some “Cubans” dropped off at Jerry’s parents’ condo; unfortunately, they’re not cigars…”they’re people?!? they’re real people from Cuba?!?” Kramer later tells Earl that “if they were any more Cuban, Castro would have smoked them himself!” Elaine’s flight to Tunisia is later hijacked by the Dominican cigar rollers (due to their explotation by Magic Pan restaurants), and re-routed to Cuba.

CUBA (map)
Curb Your Enthusiasm
George tells Amanda about his strange relationship with Cuban food: “When I’m eating it, I don’t really like it. When I’m away for a little while, I miss it.”


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