Nickname: The Old Line State
Population: 6,045,680 (2019)
Capital: Annapolis


Towson, MARYLAND (map)
The Stake Out
Elaine mentions she dreamt of Jerry with wooden teeth in the house she grew up in in Towson.

The Stake Out
Helen reminds Morty that Elaine “is the one from Maryland that brought you the chocolate-covered cherries you didn’t like.”

Towson, MARYLAND (map)
The Jacket
Elaine tells Jerry and George that her father is driving back to Maryland, which he spends singing “Master Of The House.”

The Center For Facial Recovery
6110 Executive Blvd., Rockville, MARYLAND
The Dog
Polone claims he was taken here after his hospital visit in Chicago, and thus why he couldn’t claim Farfel. Despite sounding like he is slurring the word “Rockford,” another Illinois city, in fact he is actually saying Rockville, in reference to this renowned facility. Thank you to Seba for the tip!

The Nose Job
In a deleted scene, Jerry asks Audrey if she plans on getting her own apartment or going back to Maryland, to which she replies “it depends,” referring to her relationship with George.

Towson, MARYLAND (map)
The Letter
Elaine lies to Mr. Lippman, and tells her she had to miss the bris due to her father’s illness back in Maryland.

Baltimore, MARYLAND (map)
The Letter
Elaine is kicked out of the owner’s box for wearing an Orioles cap to a Yankees game. Mr. Lippman later asks Elaine to wear the Baltimore cap again for another Yankee game, “to have a little fun” with his friend who has the owner’s box tickets.

Towson, MARYLAND (map)
The Virgin
Jerry tells Marla that Elaine literally comes from a broken home, as a cracked tree destroyed her home as a child.

Baltimore, MARYLAND (map)
The Switch
Kramer tells Jerry that Newman is in Baltimore, so he can let him into Newman’s Apartment to borrow his tennis racquet for Elaine. Instead, a horrified Jerry and Kramer discover Newman and his mother in the heat of the moment.

Baltimore-Washington International Airport
7426 New Ridge Rd., Hanover, MARYLAND
The Diplomat’s Club
Baltimore is one of the airports shown on the flight board during Kramer and Earl’s “competition.”

Chestertown, MARYLAND (map)
The Engagement
In a deleted scene, Kramer gets pulled over with Elaine and Newman, telling the officer they are en route to pick up wood for their cabin in Chester…town, which the cop questions, as he knows that is in Maryland.

The Caddy
Elaine mentions to Jerry that she grew up with Sue Ellen Mischke in Maryland.

Burning Tree Club
8600 Burdette Rd., Bethesda, MARYLAND
The Bottle Deposit
The golf clubs Elaine bids on on behalf of Mr. Peterman were apparently used by John F. Kennedy at Burning Tree on April 15, 1961, just before launching the Bay Of Pigs invasion.

Oriole Park At Camden Yards
333 West Camden St., Baltimore, MARYLAND
The Foundation
George, in talking at Susan’s tombstone, mentions that after the All-Star Break, the Yankees swept the Orioles “in four games…in Baltimore!”


3 thoughts on “Maryland

  1. Just found your site – really enjoying it. I went to the geography section to check out my home state of Maryland. Hope it’s ok to point out that there was another Baltimore reference that I didn’t see listed (apologies if I missed it). I can’t recall which episode – guessing season sixish – but Kramer referred to Newman on vacation in Baltimore. Thanks!

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