Costanza House


1344 Queens Blvd., Flushing, Queens, New York (map)

The home of George’s parents, Frank and Estelle, and temporary home of George himself during his unemployed phase in Season Five. The address shown in the series is intended to be in Flushing, but 1344 Queens Blvd. is actually in Forest Hills. The actual house shown in the series is at to 22-37 37th St., Astoria, Queens, where Jerry Stiller visited with the “New York Daily News” in 2010.
nearest subway: Kew Gardens – Union Turnpike (E,F)


The Contest
George is caught doing “that” by his mother while reading Glamour while dropping the car off at their house, resulting in Estelle throwing out her back, and ultimately leading to the creation of the Contest.

The Outing
Estelle ends up back in the hospital after again falling off her toilet and throwing out her back, this time from reading the article implying Jerry and George are gay.

The Handicap Spot
The first appearance of the Costanza House, where Frank wins the Silver Circle Award, and United Volunteers Representative of the Month…and is then arrested for “reckless endangerment of public safety in violation of traffic code 342-A” for parking in a handicap spot. As payback for his car damage and humiliation, Frank makes George his butler.

The Puffy Shirt
George moves back in with his parents, only with $714 in his bank account, before briefly becoming a hand model.

The Sniffing Accountant
Frank sets up a job interview for George for a bra salesman, later testing George on cup sizes by using Estelle’s bra at the dinner table.

The Non-Fat Yogurt
Lloyd Braun drops in for a visit with the Costanzas, revealing George’s “spasm” in his arm.

The Cigar Store Indian
Jerry and Elaine mention the house smells like dandruff, kasha, mothballs, cheap carpeting…potpourri really. George hosts Sylvia at the house, pretending its his own…but he can only serve prune juice because he “forgot” the combination to the liquor cabinet. Frank discovers his TV Guide is missing, and Estelle finds a condom wrapper on her bed, and as a result, George is grounded.

The Conversion
George studies Latvian Orthodox theology in the bathroom, in the hopes of converting, nearly prompting another “Contest” incident. He later likens himself to King Edward VIII, to which Jerry rebuts with “but King Edward didn’t live in Queens with Frank and Estelle Costanza.” Frank later tells George he believes that the church is the group “that goes around mutilating squirrels!”

The Marine Biologist
George makes contact with Diane DeConn, talking about squids and plankton as part of his quest to be a pretend marine biologist.

The Raincoats
Helen and Morty refuse an invitation for paella with the Costanzas. George sells Frank’s cabana wear to Rudy’s, which Frank later discovers Kramer wearing. Frank wants his cabana wear back for a cruise with Estelle, but the clothes are lost after being burned for moths.

The Fire
George has a flashback to his seventh birthday party: “Blow out the candles!” “Stop it Frank! You’re killing him!” “BLOW OUT THE CANDLES!”

The Opposite
George reveals he’s moving out…and offers Elaine a spot when she says she’s being evicted, due to his “natural instinct.” Estelle is shocked that George is leaving: “it’s like a dream!”

The Chinese Woman
Frank and Estelle reconcile for their divorce thanks to Donna Chang, but end up divorcing when Estelle discovers that Donna is not really a Chinese woman.

The Fusilli Jerry
Where Estelle reveals to Frank that Kramer “stopped short” after her eye surgery, apparently stealing Frank’s move.

The Engagement
George calls his parents to tell them he’s engaged…and Estelle asks Susan “may I ask why?”

The Gum
George goes to drop off Christmas presents while his parents are out of town, and runs into his neighbors Deena and Mr. Lazarri, who proceeds to destroy his Jon Voight LeBaron.

The Rye
George helps Frank and Estelle prepare to meet the Rosses for the first time.

The Caddy
Mr. Steinbrenner goes to tell the Costanzas of George’s death…and Steinbrenner gets the business from Frank for trading Jay Buhner.

The Shower Head
George goes to try and convince his parents to move to Del Boca Vista, which they do, but only out of spite against the Seinfelds.

The Doll
Frank puts a pool table in George’s room (deeming it “the place to be”), but its a tad squishy for Frank, Kramer and the Maestro.

The Fatigues
Frank tells Kramer his Korean War experience, where he initially refuses to cook for Kramer’s Jewish singles night, but is re-invigorated by a bad dish from Estelle.

The Money
George learns about his family history, trying to determine what’s better: money or freedom. Kramer and Emily later move in when Frank and Estelle go to Florida, as Kramer is afraid to stay at home alone and needs separate beds for Emily’s “jimmy legs.”

The Susie
George ends up sleeping here when ditching Allison at his apartment.

The Serenity Now
George and Kramer go to fix Frank’s screen door (Kramer: “I love going to the country”), and Kramer takes the door home, while George reignites his feud with Lloyd Braun. George and Lloyd compete to sell computers in the Costanza’s garage, with neither actually selling anything for “Constanza and Son.”

The Junk Mail
Frank and Estelle try to cut George loose by ignoring him, not vice versa. George later goes to the house to look for Chinese leftovers, and ends up waiting to catch them in the act of skipping out on him.

The Strike
George brings Mr. Kruger over for Festivus dinner, prompting an evening of insanity with Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, the two Off-Track Betting employees, and eventually Gwen the “two-face.”

The Finale
George tells Frank and Estelle that he is moving to California to write for “Jerry.”


6 thoughts on “Costanza House

  1. This address is incorrect. The correct address is 2237 37th Street in Astoria.

    Astoria is beautiful. Flushing (“Frushing”) is a toilet ironically that will never be flushed away.

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