Kramer’s Apartment

Kramer's Apartment

129 W. 81st St., Apt. 5B, NEW YORK, NEW YORK (map)

Kramer’s apartment for the entire series, across the hall from Jerry and down the hall from Newman. It is revealed that Kramer was subletting the apartment from Paul Buchman, Paul Reiser’s character from the sitcom “Mad About You,” before gaining full ownership of the lease during Season Four.
nearest subway: 81st Street – Museum Of Natural History (B,C)


The Pony Remark
Kramer claims that he is going to install “levels” in his apartment, so confident to the point that he bets Jerry that he will be able to install everything within a year.

The Pitch / Ticket
Newman goes to pick up Kramer on his way to court, but Kramer has seemingly forgot about the proceedings.

The Wallet
Jerry corners Kramer as he’s re-entering his apartment, telling him that the watch repair story is made up, and not to bring up the watch again.

The Watch
Elaine and Kramer mull over the details of their “relationship” for the benefit of Dr. Reston in Kramer’s apartment.

The Virgin
In a deleted scene, Jerry, now sick of Kramer constantly on his couch watching television, slides his TV unit across the hall to Kramer’s. In a crossover scene with the Mad About You episode “The Apartment,” which aired the same night as “The Virgin,” Kramer is visited by the man who he is subletting his apartment from, Paul Buchman, who transfers his lease to Kramer for good.

The Contest
Kramer is seen fast asleep, due to his early bowing out of the Contest.

The Pick
Kramer takes Elaine to his apartment to shoot her Christmas card photo…which ends up revealing a nipple.

The Junior Mint
Kramer stains his floors and wraps his entire apartment with faux-wood wallpaper, to make it look like a ski lodge (“I need wood around me. Wood, Jerry…wood!”).

The Puffy Shirt
Kramer offers a dejected George the chance to live with him instead of his parents, which George quickly declines.

The Conversion
Jerry stops by Kramer’s, after smelling the stink of the “kavorca” remedy (of garlic and vinegar) coming from the apartment.

The Marine Biologist
While Kramer struggles with excess sand stuck to him from the beach, Elaine berates him for giving him a faulty organizer, as she threw out her old book and now is left with no reference book at all.

The Chinese Woman
Kramer gleefully announces to the gang from his apartment window that Noreen is late, and thus the Kramer name will live on.

The Gymnast
Jerry and Elaine rush to Kramer’s apartment when hearing a scream, assuming Kramer has passed his stone…but instead he simply fell off his couch attempting a reverse hecht.

The Soup
Kramer gets rid of his refrigerator in an attempt to eat only fresh food…but runs into a problem when he begins dating Hildy, a “full figured gal” who likes to eat.

The Kiss Hello
Jerry is dis-invited from a building-wide party in Kramer’s apartment, due to Jerry’s shunning of “the kiss hello” building-wide.

The Engagement
Kramer is initially questioned by police about the dog-napping, before Jerry helps the police determine the caper’s true mastermind, Newman.

The Wink
George goes to Kramer to get Mr. Steinbrenner’s birthday card back, when he discovers his wink caused Kramer to sell the card for $200.

The Hot Tub
Kramer installs a hot tub in his apartment, which knocks out the power throughout the whole building.

The Pool Guy
Kramer begins acting as the Moviefone guy, as their phone numbers are similar…before being acosted by the actual Moviefone man at his front door.

The Sponge
Jerry warns Kramer over spending the night before the AIDS Walk drinking, smoking and gambling, but Kramer is not concerned for his condition the next day.

The Rye
Kramer, stuffing his face with bulk-sized Beef-A-Reeno, agrees to take the Rosses on a hansom cab ride while Jerry and George sneak back in the marble rye.

The Cadillac
Kramer plays a game of cat and mouse with the cable company, after they discover he is illegally getting free HBO and Showtime in his apartment.

The Shower Head
Jerry, Kramer and Newman are all stuck with no shower pressure, forcing them to seek alternate shower heads. Kramer installs an ultra-high powered shower head, so much so that he cannot physically withstand the water pressure.

The Friars Club
Kramer has his girlfriend Connie in his apartment, where he falls asleep due to his “da Vinci” method of sleep…and assuming he’s dead, she has his body dumped in the Hudson River.

The Wig Master
Kramer is accidentally locked out of his apartment, after he left his apartment key on his car keys when leaving the car at Jiffy Park. He is then forced to bunk with Jerry until his keys are available.

The Calzone
George is forced to hire Kramer to pick up the calzones, as Newman is “sick” due to the rain.

The Bottle Deposit
Newman gleefully reveals to Kramer that he has access to a free truck to Michigan, ensuring that the bottle deposit scheme can be successful: “let the collecting begin!”

The Package
George learns “the timeless art of seduction” after being photographed by Kramer in his apartment.

The Fatigues
Frank, determined to restart his cooking career, visits Kramer to sign up to cook for Jewish singles night, but takes him from the apartment when Kramer says he has no T-Fal.

The Checks
Kramer hosts his Japanese guests in the Farbman chest of drawers (his “bureau and breakfast”), until Jerry destroys it to free them from the warped wood, caused by steam from his hot tub.

The Chicken Roaster
Kramer attempts to drive Kenny Rogers Roasters out of business, by “taking it to the streets” and boycotting the place from his apartment. Jerry switches apartments to move into “the red planet,” being tormented in his sleep by Mr. Marbles…and effectively turning into Kramer.

The Abstinence
Kramer opens a smoking lounge in his apartment for his fellow banished smoking lovers…but then discovers his disfigurement due to prolonged exposure to smoke.

The Little Jerry
Jerry reveals to Kramer that he actually bought a rooster instead of a chicken. With this in mind, Jerry and Kramer train Little Jerry to become “a lean, mean pecking machine.”

The Money
Kramer gets no sleep thanks to his new girlfriend, who suffers from “the jimmy legs.” Kramer later fears sleeping alone, after hearing a “burglar” (really Morty exercising) trying to break into his apartment for 25 minutes.

The Comeback
Kramer discovers people can come out of a coma when watching “The Other Side Of Darkness” in his apartment, rushing him to change his living will before anything happens to him.

The Millennium
Kramer awakes from a nightmare about the Newmanium party, as he is obviously feeling guilt over Jerry not being invited.

The Butter Shave
Newman helps Kramer stay simmering and moist in his hot tub, but the smell (and the fact Newman is reading “Alive” by Piers Paul Read) make Newman flee for fear he will act on his temptation.

The Voice
Kramer hires an NYU intern, Darren, to assist with operating Kramerica Industries, which according to NYU is “nothing more than a solitary man with a messy apartment which may or may not contain a chicken.”

The Serenity Now
Kramer installs Frank Costanza’s discarded screen door to his apartment, turning the outside of his door into the typical classic American front porch and garden, sans an actual porch and garden.

The Blood
Kramer decides that due to increasing charges, he will keep his blood at his apartment.

The Merv Griffin Show
Kramer converts his entire apartment into the set of the old “Merv Griffin Show,” after finding the discarded set pieces in a dumpster, proceeding to somehow turn his entire life into an ongoing talk show.

The Apology
Kramer installs a mini-apartment in his shower, and begins attempting to live in there permanently.

The Reverse Peephole
Kramer and Newman decide to reverse their peepholes, leading to catastrophe with their superintendent Silvo…leading to both of them nearly being evicted.


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