Languages: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish (European Union)
Population: 742,452,000 (2013)
Capital: Brussels, Belgium (European Union)


Male Unbonding
Jerry and Elaine lie to Joel, claiming they are busy later in the week for choir practice of Eastern European national anthems, “you know, with the Wall being down and everything.”

EUROPE (map)
The Parking Garage
While venting about bad drivers, Elaine mentions that 50% of American high schoolers can’t even locate Europe on a map, yet can still pass a driving test.

EUROPE (map)
The Stranded
Kramer and Steve howl with laughter as Kramer tells a story about him taking care of a magician’s doves while the magician was away in Europe.

EUROPE (map)
The Pilot
George claims that even if you held Neville Chamberlain’s head in the toilet, he would still give up half of Europe.

EUROPE (map)
The Pie
Elaine tells the store clerk that “I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing your crummy little Euro-trash rags,” referring specifically to a $1200 Jean-Paul Gauthier dress on “her” mannequin.

The Label Maker
Kramer has driven Newman out of Western Europe during their epic game of Risk.

EUROPE (map)
The Wink
Holly mentions to Elaine and Jerry that her Grandma Memma bought a candelabra on a trip to Europe in 1926.

EUROPE (map)
The Soup Nazi
Jerry, when discussing with “Schmoopie” on whether there is some truth to every joke: “Nobody with a terminal illness goes from the United States to Europe for a piece of Bavarian Cream Pie!”

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